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RadioDJ v2 Support Forum / What does this error message mean?
« Last post by HollyG on Today at 06:25:12 PM »
Column 'title_played' does not belong to table Table.   at System.Data.DataRow.GetDataColumn(String columnName)
   at System.Data.DataRow.get_Item(String columnName)
   at ​‮‎‍‌‪‭‭‏‬‪​‏‎‮‮‎‮‮‮‍‪‎‍‏‏‮.GetSongs(String sqlFilter, DataGridView& dgv)
   at Plugin_Search.SearchControl.‌‍‍‭‬‬​‬‪‏‪‭‮‏‌‎‌‭​‎‮(Int32 )
   at Plugin_Search.SearchControl.‪‪​‪‌‮​​‪‭‭‌‪‎‮‎‫‍‭‏‮‬‬‎‮(Object , EventArgs )
   at System.Windows.Forms.Timer.OnTick(EventArgs e)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Timer.TimerNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

I have tried every which way to install this program (v2.0.0, updating from 1.8.2).  Using Windows 7, MySQL 5.6,   I've disabled all firewalls and virus programs.  I'm at the point of willing to pay Marius to log onto my CPU via TeamViewer and attempt to resolve this issue.
Thank you everyone for your input on the forum. Again I apologize for my delay in replying.

@Marius: The questions I asked in the first post on my thread are the answers I need in order to convince the security team to allow us to run this software: "why don't you modify the code and use something that would not trip antiviruses? Why do you use obscure code for a free program? And why don't you sign the program?" In regards to signing the program, cost was brought up in the thread, which is a fair variable, but not something they will accept as an excuse, since many other free programs are properly signed.

And I appreciate everyone telling me that the program is safe. But just saying that isn't going to convince them. They will probably need evidence from reputable sources such as licensed security teams (I don't know if Software Informer is comprised of a licensed security team).

@stinga for the time being, I can get updates via off campus. However, if what they say is true, non-signed code will eventually not run at all on any University computers with the new security policies they are planning for the future. Therefore, at that point, it wouldn't even matter where I get the updates from... the program won't run unless Marius gets it signed. And sticking with old versions wouldn't work in this case either, since the old RadioDJs are also not signed and therefore also wouldn't run anymore.

@neutralhills I'll bring up the suggestion of network isolation with them. But it is very unlikely they're going to be willing to do it so that we can run RadioDJ simply because RadioDJ is not signed. The fact it's not signed raises red flags for them because unsigned programs can, at any point, be unknowingly infected with viruses, either at the time of download or at any point in time down the road during its use. Add on the fact RadioDJ trips some antiviruses (false positives or not, it doesn't matter as they think the code should be modified so as to not trip antiviruses if it is doing so), and I really don't think they can be convinced unless RadioDJ gets digitally signed and stops tripping antiviruses (or at the very least, proof can be provided that it is impossible for RadioDJ to not trip antiviruses without it breaking in functionality).

We may be forced to abandon RadioDJ if it doesn't get signed, which really sucks because I don't want to have to abandon the application and my support for it when things can be done about it. Plus, we can't afford another automation system at this time, so that may potentially be the demise of the radio station (or at least 24/7 operation of it).

I do hope at the very least the paid version of RadioDJ will be signed. If it is, that would be wonders for us at the station, assuming it's affordable of course.
Website, Programming and related / PHP 5.x Unsupported Soon
« Last post by DJ Garybaldy on Today at 04:18:01 PM »
Just seen an article on Znet about PHP 5.x becoming unsupported by the end of this year. Its generally recommended you upgrade to PHP 7+

If you still run PHP 5 Your website could be be vulnerable to attack etc...
additional request for this

in the error message displayed in Windows Event Viewer, please include the name of the rotation file where this occurred, AND the position of the ROW in the Rotation, in the event that this subcat is in the rotation more than once, you can find which instance is causing this error msg...
This doesn't resolve the problem.

However, I managed to resolve this by connecting the laptop to an external monitor with a higher screen resolution (1280 . By toggling to the external monitor, one has full view of the RadioDJ screen (including the Options button). From ther, one can go to the Options -> Other Settings menu and omit some of the other buttons that may not be as useful (in my case I omitted the Audio Processing & Now Playing buttons), and then the Options button becomes visible & available.

I leave this here as a potential solution to other users that may face the same problem.  Thanks for the reply, anyway!
Think you have to look in the netbook on the screen setting if there are 100%.

I've just successfully installed RadioDJ on a small netbook on behalf of a client. The problem is that the netbook has a small screen and the highest screen resolution is 1024x768.  Subsequently, the Options button is missing, which is a pity because as it is, other than importing tracks, I cannot do much (build rotations, events etc).

I've seen this noticed a couple of times but I didn't see any workaround to the issue. Is there any other way of accessing the options menu?

Thanks in advance.
v1.7+ - Support Forum / Re: Help with Reports add genre
« Last post by Jhonny on Today at 11:35:09 AM »
Steve, as for writing a mysql query that is way beyond my point click noob  abilities.  I have figured stuff out before, but simply don't have the most likely huge learning curve/time necessary to give.  However, if you can provide 2 or 3 time saving links and maybe youtube video showing the process,  I'm sure you will be helping and saving time for many not just this just noob.  I will make the effort.  I have more I want to incorporate into a custom report that I need daily..

All help or input
Simple explanation query in a rotation.
v1.7+ - Support Forum / Re: Help with Reports add genre
« Last post by Jhonny on Today at 11:14:07 AM »
Announcements / Forum Spam
« Last post by DJ Garybaldy on Today at 09:44:47 AM »
Over the weekend we appear to have had another small spam attack. I know its annoying!

While we try our best to rid the forum of Spam when it appears occasionally Spammers get through and are able to post.

We will try our hardest to remove the spam in a timely manner but sometimes this isn't always possible.

Please bear with us if there is a spam post on the forums that hasn't been addressed as we're not always about to monitor the forums

Please Note: I'm only available Mondays to Fridays so if spam appears on a weekend and it isn't removed straight away then it will be removed when either myself or Marius next log onto the forum.
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