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Future Requests / Re: Linux and/or Mac OSX versions...
« Last post by MarcoWintjens on Today at 01:47:56 PM »
Yes I also will look forward to see a MAC OS version coming... untill now I ran RadioDJ on a Mac using bootcamp with windows 7, but I would prefer to have a Mac version of RadioDJ
Future Requests / Re: Linux and/or Mac OSX versions...
« Last post by DJ Garybaldy on Today at 12:08:09 PM »
Think this has already been discussed at length and AFAIK Marius isn't planning on a Linux or Mac version anytime soon... :bash:

I run RadioDJ in a virtual environment (VMWare player) on Linux/Ubuntu and that works great for my needs. I believe it can also be done on a Mac

Windows 7 will or should continue to function even it its not being updated like XP (which I don't recommend BTW as RadioDJv2 won't work on XP)
RadioDJ v2 Support Forum / Re: EVENTS - Enabled/Disabled click fail
« Last post by Marius on Today at 11:39:41 AM »
No, the checkbox in the list is just to display the events state.
Software and Utilities / Maria DB - UTF-8
« Last post by unpetru on Today at 11:19:51 AM »
Hi everyone,

I installed Maria DB with default settings. Now I need to change to UTF-8 for special characters for Online Requests Messages. Can I do that? Change that setting without reinstalling Maria DB.
RadioDJ v2 Support Forum / Re: Jmd Files
« Last post by DJ Garybaldy on Today at 11:09:49 AM »
Never heard of that file extension.... I doubt RadioDJ will have the ability to play it.
I'm not on my RDJ computer at the moment to confirm where abouts, but I'm sure there's a setting which automatically lowers the track volume when choosing the mic 'input' button.  And in that setting you can choose by how much.... or maybe I'm thinking wrong?
RadioDJ v2 Support Forum / RadioDJ is not playing an AAC stream
« Last post by dotinga00 on Today at 10:17:20 AM »
Hello All,

My config: Two servers running RadioDJ V2.0.0.6 running side by side (on the same IP address). One is the backup server.  The main server refuses to play an icecast stream if it is decoded with AAC. Decoded with MP3 there is no problem. This system just stops playing, have to press the play button to restart. The backup server doesn't have a problem playing the aac stream.

Strange, because all systems are using the same database. Can anyone give me a clue where to look?


RadioDJ v2 Support Forum / EVENTS - Enabled/Disabled click fail
« Last post by unpetru on Today at 09:46:35 AM »

If I go to Events and I click an event to disable it inside the all events window (not the event's individual window), it doesn't apply it. I have to open the event and click pe enabled check to change the status.

Is this a bug?
Hey Marius,

Yes, please change that.  ::) Also, include "diacritice". I don't know the word in english. Special characters like ă î â ș ț. They aren't supported right now.

Thanks man. Lots of love for your software and dedication.
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