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Title: Audio extenders?
Post by: ignitenz on June 02, 2019, 09:29:16 AM
Hi all,

I have a situation where we have our studio downstairs and our deck upstairs, where we are planning to put a Tx mast.

The distance from the studio to the Tx is around 30m, and from the Tx to the antenna a further 15m.

The distance between the Tx and antenna is sorted. However, I'm still left wondering what the best way to get the audio signal between the studio and TX would be.

The way I'm currently thinking would be to place a cat6 between the two (not networked) and place an audio conversion device at either end which would connect to a mixer console at one end and the Tx at the other. AliExpress seem to have some units (VGA + Audio extenders) which might do the trick, but I'm a bit dubious as to the quality of audio and quality generally.

What do you guys do when your studio and Tx are some distance apart? What do you use to connect the two?,searchweb201602_10_10065_10068_10547_319_10059_10884_317_10548_10887_10696_321_322_10084_453_10083_454_10103_10618_10307_537_536,searchweb201603_53,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=fdfbf5d9-2485-4585-b275-d4759c4c8948-3&algo_pvid=fdfbf5d9-2485-4585-b275-d4759c4c8948,searchweb201602_10_10065_10068_10547_319_10059_10884_317_10548_10887_10696_321_322_10084_453_10083_454_10103_10618_10307_537_536,searchweb201603_53,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=fdfbf5d9-2485-4585-b275-d4759c4c8948-4&algo_pvid=fdfbf5d9-2485-4585-b275-d4759c4c8948

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Title: Re: Audio extenders?
Post by: plauri on June 02, 2019, 12:32:14 PM
Maybe Breakaway One ( will do the trick for you. You should check some interesting videos made by Leif Claesson.
Title: Re: Audio extenders?
Post by: ignitenz on June 03, 2019, 08:52:06 AM
Thanks plauri,

though I'm actually looking for a way to connect a mixer to a transmitter (Tx) without the need of a PC at the Tx end.

Title: Re: Audio extenders?
Post by: ricky on June 03, 2019, 04:03:52 PM
ok there are several ways you con do this but you have to consider the type of audio you are using if the main tx signal is to be fm stereo or mono or is it am ?????? the difference is the way you feed the audio from the mixer ie mono stereo
work round 1
you can use 75 ohm coax from the mixer to the audio input of the tx mono single core stereo at least two core
work round 2
a small fm tx ie a car lighter type tx connected to the mixer output to tx a signal up to the tx room then a radio on the studio frequency connected to the input of the main tx  the main considerations is screening and good earthing
hope this helps all the beast with the project ricky.
Title: Re: Audio extenders?
Post by: Calypso on June 07, 2019, 08:49:47 AM
Personally, with 30 meters, I'd use good quality cables with balanced in- and outputs. The less conversions, the better.
Title: Re: Audio extenders?
Post by: FreerunMedia on June 08, 2019, 01:22:40 PM
 I would sugest to put a cable in that place. any balanced cable can run up to 50 meters without problems. When you use AES/EBU ( Digital balanced signal ) you can run up to 100 meters without any problems. Unbalanced can give problems like hum and other distortions. Also splitting the unbalanced cable to let's say recorder and TX line, will drop the signal strenght and will give more problems.

So just put down a cable, preferably XLR and you're good to go.

Analogue XLR: Mono Balanced audio. ( Pin 2= plus or hot / pin 3= minus or cold / pin 1= ground )
Digital XLR ( AES/EBU ): Digital Stereo audio at line level. ( Pin 2= plus or hot / pin 3= minus or cold / pin 1= ground )
Unbalanced connection like cinch: Analogue audio at line level or SPDif stereo digital sound. ( SPDif = Sony Philips Digital Interface )