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Title: Problems playing overnight rotation from failed shoutcast stream
Post by: chrismadog on August 27, 2014, 02:02:27 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have a problem with receiving a Shoutcast stream on the overnight program we call 'Highway 15 & Beyond'.

I have a rotation to do this and it was working perfectly with V1.6.5.7

Highway 15 Rx (receive)
Track 50s
Highway 15 Rx
Track 60s
Highway 15 Rx
Track 70s
Highway 15 Rx
Track 80s
Highway 15 Rx

It works perfectly if the sending station is streaming OK.

The problem I have is where the sending station fails to stream for some reason.
The rotation tries to connect - and is supposed to then play the next track if it can't. When it was working satisfactorily, it had silence for about 1 to 2 seconds and then it would play the next track.

Since V1.7.1.0 it now takes a huge amount of time to play the next track. Sometimes measured in minutes :(

OK, lets have a look at the attachment - it tries to connect and fails because the stream isn't up. it eventually plays the next track at Time: 12:29:27 'George Jones - Take Me' which is 2:40 long.

12:29:27 + 2:40 = 12:32:07 plus say 2 seconds for the connect attempt to time out say 12:32:10 ?

But the next song plays at 12:33:00 - at least 50 extra seconds of silence. Nothing. Zilch. :(

Is there something I can do to fix this ?
I have a brand new installation because I thought it may have something to do with all the upgrades I'd done and maybe I'd done something silly, but no, it still does the silence thing.
So does the machine here at home.

Windows 7
RadioDJ v1.7.2.0
List Mode
Oodles of disk space.
Otherwise works perfectly!

Help !


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