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Title: Small mistake in Events when using RadioDJ from 2 computers
Post by: nonstopradio on December 06, 2014, 12:24:47 AM


I use version 1.7.4 of RadioDJ currently and I use one PC as broadcasting PC (24/7 running) and second PC located at another place in a production studio, where I am updating the database, creating rotations etc... both PCs are connected to the same database.

When I add an event (I used "No repeat" event in this case, but i thing it does not matter which type of event it is) from the production studio PC, and I save it to the database correctly, the other PC where the RadioDJ is still running, did not notice that I created the event, even it is visible in the database from that computer. The event(s) does not run.

It is easy to correct when I click the big events button at the bottom of the main interface on the still running PC, the events are refreshed and all new events which I added from the production studio PC start working. Fortunatelly I use remote desktop to access the PC, otherwise I have to go 50km there and back to click one button :-))

I think this is a bug, because the RadioDJ should look automatically for example after every 30mins, if there are not some changes in the event table. The refresh is done now only manually by clicking the events button.

Thank you very much!

best regards