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Title: 2 pcs a call pc issue other support to program the issue
Post by: adrinto on January 10, 2015, 09:05:49 PM
Hello friends
need some help
I have 2 pcs one has radiodj fully operational call it the pc of the issue and the other is how to connect will support internet facebook etc.
what I wanted was:
Whenever I want to do programming that is registering songs create events I have to use the pc of the issue which causes discomfort especially if you are an announcer in issue and I go program
intended to have the second Pc that the way to support that with him I Fize is this that is set and create registers events songs etc that support pc and not on the issue,

I may have to issue a pc and make the management of music events etc in another pc so that the issue be updated?

If will way I could do that help me HOW DO?