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Post by: adrinto on July 07, 2015, 05:46:34 PM
Hello everyone
Is there any possibility for the radio dj with a plugin or something else causing it automatically atrav├ęz musical command move on to the next audio. I explain
at 10 am sharp the radio dj stops and enters the trough audio auxiliary input on the sound card of a radio where you hear the news. as news never have a certain time of 5 6 7 8 9 minutes idea would be touched when the indicator (just the audio) of the news closing the radio Dj disconnects the audio input and touch the audio that was programming software that I know will do this in particular Brazil, also I have no knowledge if the radio dj does so wonder if he does how do I make this situation does not call for Marius please look into this.
have-we have to register the end of such audio news for the radio dj is recognized as a command to play what's on the schedule.
I hope you understood what you want