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Title: track manager and playlist confusion
Post by: djdensma on November 06, 2015, 10:43:28 PM
how do i delete all songs from the database and  re-import them again.
i need to setup, cat and subcatories again.

how do i delete playlist too?

my mp3 tag mostly have artist, tracks and album. The rest information not there. i arranged my collections already in window folders

trying to understand how import works with cat, subcat, genre setting during import. if i import folder and assign to particular cat, sub, genre. will radiodj use it for rotation when i set it up?

can you add playlist  or use playlist in rotation?  im confused how to use playlist. I have m3u playlist imported but not sure how to play the files.
Title: Re: track manager and playlist confusion
Post by: Valdis on November 07, 2015, 12:44:16 AM

If you want to remove all songs, playlists, categories and subcategories, there are two ways; You can start from scratch by recreating RadioDJ database using Database Setup or you can delete contents of songs, category, subcategory and playlists_list tables.
Either way, it is fast and easy to do in Database Setup program in "...\RadioDJ\Setup\" folder.

First, exit RadioDJ. Then start Database Setup and make a database backup by clicking on "BACKUP DATABASE" button. You may have to set correct path in Auto Backup tab for backup to work, if you haven't used it before.

To start from scratch with default database entries:
1. In Database Setup, click "INSTALL DATABASE"
Warning! All existing data will be lost. Make a backup before doing this!
2. Notification will pop up asking if you are sure you want to install database. Click "OK" to install database.
3. Start RadioDJ, edit categories and import tracks

To delete only the contents of tables:
Imortant: RadioDJ will complain if all categories have been deleted, so this approach may be better suited for advanced users who are able to recreate categories outside RadioDJ using HeidiSQL or other tools.

1. In Database Setup, switch to Run SQL Query tab;
2. Run following queries:
Warning! All category, subcategory, song and playlist data will be lost. Make a backup before doing this!
Code: [Select]
truncate `songs`;
truncate `category`;
truncate `subcategory`;
truncate `playlists`;
truncate `playlists_list`;

I highly recommend setting up automatic backups in Database Setup. You can always go back to previous backup if something goes wrong.
Title: Re: track manager and playlist confusion
Post by: Lion_Holland on February 13, 2016, 04:12:46 PM
Cleaning up Database in RadioDJ

1) Rename the map you have the files in.
2) Start radio DJ
3) Utilities > Verify Tracks
4) Reset Priorety, Reset Playcount, Delete History
5) Database optimation
6) Close RadioDJ (I reboot normaly)
7) Rename the map back.

This works also for wrong imported maps. Just rename that map and follow above