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RadioDJ v2 Support Forum / Error while restoring database
« Last post by tomtradio on March 26, 2019, 09:04:49 PM »

I made a backup from the current database in MYSQL Administrator, and restored it to another existing database. I've recieved the following error message. Could anybody help what does it mean?
Thank you:-)

Warning: Do not know how to handle this statement at line 13222:
CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `UpdateTracks`(IN trackID INT, IN tType INT, IN curListeners INT, IN historyDays INT, IN pWeight DOUBLE)

SET @tArtist = (SELECT artist FROM songs WHERE ID=trackID);

SET @tAlbum = (SELECT album FROM songs WHERE ID=trackID);

SET @tTitle = (SELECT title FROM songs WHERE ID=trackID);

UPDATE `songs` SET `count_played`=`count_played`+1, `date_played`=NOW() WHERE `ID`=trackID;

IF tType = 0 OR tType = 9 THEN

UPDATE `songs` SET `artist_played`=NOW() WHERE `artist`=@tArtist;

UPDATE `songs` SET `title_played`=NOW() WHERE `title`=@tTitle;

IF @tAlbum <> '' THEN

UPDATE `songs` SET `album_played`=NOW() WHERE `album`=@tAlbum;



IF tType = 9 THEN

UPDATE `requests` SET `played`=1 WHERE `songID`=trackID;


UPDATE `songs` SET `enabled`=0, `play_limit`=0 WHERE `enabled`=1 AND `play_limit`>0 AND `count_played`>=`play_limit` AND `limit_action`=1;

DELETE FROM `songs` WHERE `play_limit`>0 AND `count_played`>=`play_limit` AND `limit_action`=2;

UPDATE `songs` SET `id_subcat`=ABS(limit_action), `play_limit`=0, limit_action=0 WHERE `enabled`=1 AND `limit_action`<0 AND `count_played`>=`play_limit`;

IF pWeight>0 THEN

UPDATE `songs` SET `weight`=`weight`-pWeight WHERE `ID`=trackID AND (`weight`-pWeight)>=0;


IF historyDays > 0 THEN

INSERT INTO `history`(trackID, date_played, song_type, id_subcat, id_genre, duration, artist, original_artist, title, album, composer, label, `year`, track_no, disc_no, publisher, copyright, isrc, listeners)

SELECT ID, NOW(), song_type, id_subcat, id_genre, duration, artist, original_artist, title, album, composer, label, `year`, track_no, disc_no, publisher, copyright, isrc, curListeners FROM `songs` WHERE ID=trackID;


DELETE FROM `history` WHERE TIMESTAMPDIFF(DAY, `date_played`, NOW()) >= historyDays;

END $$
Ignoring this statement. Please file a bug-report including the statement if this statement should be recognized.
RadioDJ v2 Support Forum / Re: Extern stream op pakken in RADIODJv2
« Last post by .:Dinges:. on March 26, 2019, 06:08:17 PM »
Dat kan.
Server werkt gewoon. RadioDJ speelt de stream niet dus heeft geen zin.
Radio Talk / Re: Podcast Download Automation
« Last post by stevewa on March 26, 2019, 04:43:08 PM »
write a simple VBScript, and schedule it thru windows task scheduler to run weekly, grab the 2 files, rename them, save into folder, then have event in RDJ import them as variable length, etc.
Plugin Development / Re: Now Playing Plugin. Add genre?
« Last post by stevewa on March 26, 2019, 04:40:38 PM »
I wanna know if is it posible t add, the current song playing tags into radiodj database, gettint the tag on the web, then insertin into db then use heid sql manually or automatically to insert tags from database into original mp3 files.


i want to do it automatically in mass. a lot of files at the same time, can it be done automatically only by playing songs normally in radiodj, and using demoscript? nad maybe a script else to make the databse be inserted into mp3 files?

look at a program named "MusicBrainz Picard"
it will batch analyze your mp3 files, get metadata tags from it's web database collection, and update the metatags embedded in the mp3 file.

or, you could write a powershell script to use a dll named libtag_lite (not sure of exact name), which can read and write metadata tags to files on disk. such a script could also connect to your RDJ database and update data in the Songs table.
International Board / Re: buy Ip Address forever for streaming
« Last post by stevewa on March 26, 2019, 04:33:40 PM »
i don't understand why you would want / need an IP for life?
just use DNS.
Beta Versions Releases / Re: RadioDJ v2.0.1.5 BETA Released!
« Last post by stevewa on March 26, 2019, 04:31:29 PM »
at the time which that error is happening, your web hosting server log files should be examined to determine if the request being sent from rdj is being received or if it is not getting outside your local area network, or if it arrives at your webserver, but the webserver throws an error and rdj can't determine if it was processed properly, so it returns an error.

you need to do some investigative work. if it is happening with 2 diff hosts, maybe it's an internet connection error on your side?
Plugin Development / Re: Now playing plugin coding help
« Last post by stevewa on March 26, 2019, 04:26:27 PM »
how is the song metadata being posted to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook?

Chances are you are using a script of some sort, and that script could retrieve data from the database, and manipulate it in any way you wanted to have the output be.

And the Twitter API has an entities object mention function where you can add all user hashtags to appear in the tweet.

of course these hashtags help. very artist wants to promote themselves.
Radio Talk / Podcast Download Automation
« Last post by tradcathjun on March 26, 2019, 01:44:07 PM »
I want to automate and schedule a radio program's podcast on my community radio station using RadioDJ. The only problem is the program is two hours long and uses only one podcast feed for both the first hour and and second hour of the program. Is there a podcast downloader that can intelligently download the latest two podcasts and both rename them as hour 1 and hour 2 respectively so RadioDJ can add them as variable duration files and schedule them accordingly?
This is going to be COOL!  8)

Waiting for the release :angel:
Plugin Development / Re: Now playing plugin coding help
« Last post by RFU on March 26, 2019, 08:52:25 AM »
Believe me, I thought of that. I was going to use another field in the mp3 tag that RadioDJ imports. The problem is, the hashtags are not only for the "now playing" on our website.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook only post the artist name, song name, and album art. So to put the hashtags in another field would not work on social media

This is the only workable solution to get it to appear as

"Johns Band #johnsband #johns_band ##johns_band_official JOHN'S SONG" on social media. It has to be in the artists name field

And so far, my social media interaction and listeners has more than doubled since I started adding hashtags, including the artists themselves reposting my station content
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