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General Talking / Re: VOA News - have changed public news stream URL...
« Last post by ignitenz on Today at 03:51:27 AM »
It appears to be working again now.
FWIW I had some weird things happen I/O wise after a recent update. I uninstalled KB4507460 and the problem(s) resolved themselves.
I'm unclear as to what causes the problems and for the moment I'm not re-attempting a re-install of this update
Your mileage may vary of course
Releases / Re: RadioDJ v2.0.1.6 Beta Released!
« Last post by Echers on July 18, 2019, 10:12:40 PM »

I've just installed RDJ v2.0.1.6 and noticed the following error (at least for me).

I cannot drag the "Artist/Title" bars in the "Search" area to see more of a title etc.
« Last post by linawebradio on July 18, 2019, 10:06:01 PM »
Io apro Traks Manager, scelgo nei menù a tendina in alto track type: "Music".
Poi seleziono tutti i brani (se ho più pagine ripeto per ogni pagina), copio e incollo in un foglio Excel.
Dal foglio Excel, tolgo tutte le colonne che non mi servono, le sposto nell'ordine che vuole la SIAE nel report e poi esporto come CSV.
While I normally have very few issues running the Database on Linux/Ubuntu studio, However there's a cautionary tale

Our router started trying to reset DHCP settings and tried to assign an IP twice (We still don't know how it happened) then it started causing other issues.

We're now awaiting a new router from our ISP and I'm having to run with a new instance of MariaDB on the same Windows 10 machine for the time being.

Yes it perfectly possible to run it on Linux just there could be unforeseen reasons why it might go tits up and routers have a nasty habit of being pains in the butt.
RadioDJ v2 Support Forum / Re: NOT IMPORTING MY MUSIC
« Last post by charlieobrien on July 17, 2019, 09:22:27 PM »

I think the simple answer in your solution was: make sure a sound card is selected!

I did this dance in the very beginning when I tried first to import. I had not selected a sound card.

RDJ won't import otherwise.

Who knew?

One year later - smooth sailing.

I'm a retired radio guy too and Radio DJ was a learning curve.

Charlie O'Brien
I use ROXIO NT - a version a couple years old, but not much has changed in the CD ripping.

It will go to Gracenote and add tags - better than anything I've seen for WAV files.

You can use free CDEX to rip but it doesn't add metadata. CDEX will go to Gracenote or other db and find tiltles etc. With CDEX you need to save in a template provided that essentially saves your file as artist - title_album title. BUT, you have to edit the ALBUM TITLE after import - cut and paste. Pain in butt, but works for a few files at a time.

Radio DJ will parse WAV file names as ARTIST - TITLE in it's simplest terms.

If you rip and save your WAV as "The Beatles - Day Tripper", it will import artist (The Beatles) and title (Day Tripper) correctly. But that's all - no year, album etc.

If you buy ROXIO it will save you time, your decision.

Remember RDJ imports FLAC lossless files too. FLAC has the ability to hold metadata and images too. You might try that as option.

Charlie O'Brien
Releases / Re: RadioDJ v2.0.1.6 Beta Released!
« Last post by DJ Garybaldy on July 17, 2019, 05:09:54 PM »
AFAIK Marius reads all the posts in a Topic where a beta is concerned!
Seasoned Pro here when it comes to RadioDJ beta releases... 5 years since RC....
Just an FYI: Its taken me 5 years to get my database where it should be and I'm still finding tracks that need editing occasionally its a labour of love really. IF you put in the hard work with your database and back it up every day religiously then life will be sooooo much easier.

Last time I did any tagging was to remove album data (as I don't have to report my music to anyone) but I also did lots of other changes to various columns in mp3tag.

 As far as I could see RadioDJ was reporting the right tags after using mp3tag  to update most of my 12,000+ audio collection. I just ran from Tags>To database from the utilities menu Tag Synchronisation to update the tags in RadioDJ.

You don't need to be an SQL expert try learning its great fun. You can do most of the editing of tracks via Tracks Manager 

Have some Patience and stop expecting software to do everything for you... You the user has to have some Input RadioDJ is not a robot.
RadioDJ v2 Support Forum / Re: Is there any way to directly import music from CD?
« Last post by stevewa on July 17, 2019, 04:32:57 PM »
I use Freac software https://www.freac.orgto rip from CD's, it has the ability to go out on the web to grab metadata if it can. If it can't find metadata, you can type the metadata directly into it's interface before you rip. The files it outputs (mp3, m4a, etc) will now contain the metadata, which will be read during the import into RadioDJ.

It is odd to me that you want to use Gracenote, a paid service, to verify your audio metadata, but you are complaining that you can't figure out how to do any of this in RadioDJ, a free program.

Why not use free sources of audio metadata, like MusicBrainz Picard,, etc

And if you don't have the technical expertise to do it, then hire someone else to do it, or take the time to learn it, like all of us have done.

Do you expect a free program like RadioDJ to do everything for you?

Best of luck out there!
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