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Contribute plugins to RadioDJ

Started by dommel, December 29, 2017, 12:57:17 PM


Since version 2.0 a number of plugins were removed. The main issue is that source of the plugins is not available so they cannot be rebuild (by Marius at this moment). I want to donate the sources for the DSP and VST plugin to RadioDJ.

For Marius the question is if he is willing to review the source, update the plugins to version 2.0 and make it available via this forum. Perhaps the plugins should be included in RadioDJ to avoid possible issues in the future, but that is up to Marius.


That would be wonderful! Lots of people using the VST and DSP plugins with 1.8.2 who are missing them.
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Any update on this.  Hoping to see this in


I am still using the old version, but I installed Cantable and am using MBpocess for something else. Also Can be used as standalone and Stereotool can also be used as standalone. It's not that bad, i guess. Please note that MBprocess can also work as standalone in some cases. Cantable's free version only allows a stereo channel and doesn't like crashes at all. Cantable is not the best vst host for radio applications imo.