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How long have you been a RadioDJ or just a DJ?

Started by DJ Garybaldy, February 07, 2018, 10:27:04 AM


Well i was infected withe the radio virus long time ago  :hihi: As a small baby i was turning the knobs up and as a pre-teen i "made" my own "turntable". Wiht a reel tape case as my turntable, a cirlce cut cardboard as my record and a teaspoon as the needle :hihi: while listening to Radio Veronica at the AM dial. In 1994 i started at a radio pirate station recording my shows on tape because of the equipment i had like a D.A.T. recorder and Revox B77 open reel in that time. In 1997 started at the legal stations as technician for sports, classical music programs with 48 channels Studer mix console, 1997 started for TV as ENG sound engeneer up to 2000. from 2000 to now, worked for MTV, SBS Broadcast, Radio 192 and running my own internet station www.radio251.nl with fully operational radio studio (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1273812229404963&set=a.892190284233828.1073741826.100003285954427&type=3&theater) and working for a big local RTV station in Amsterdam ( Salto.nl)
Running 3 editions V1.8.2 at www.salto.nl and v1.8.2 at radio251.nl. ( NOW with 2 live studio's! )

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Quote from: stinga on June 21, 2018, 10:27:05 AM
Never been a DJ or RadioDJ and probably never will be...

I do support a radio station though that uses RDJ.

What's the name of the station?
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Quote from: stinga on June 21, 2018, 11:13:03 PM
I updated my profile! :-)
That's a rather awkward name for a radio station.., I wonder how many times a day the DJs have to say, "I updated my profile FM" or whatever... :hihi: :P ;) :D
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been a radio DJ for nearly a year ..any advice?


I have been a RDJ for about 18 hours....

My big brother caught the bug when my mom brought his Cub Scout den to a local radio station.  He practiced being a DJ until college and became one at the local college station.  He worked is way up and became the Promotions Director at one of the biggest ABC owned stations in the country and landing in the Broadcasters Hall of Fame.  Being the younger brother, I wanted to be like him and always made mix tapes.  I even got a 12-4am gig at my college station.  I used to LOVE local radio in the 70's and 80's and loved all the commercials and IDs and I enjoy reading the news.  I made mix tapes with all of this in it and friends would think the radio was on.  However, after spending all the time making them, I was sorta tired of those songs.  I have been wanting a way I can play my music and add in old commercials and spoofs, announce the time and have a "station" ID on my LPFM station that services our property.  A few weeks ago I came across RDJ.   I built a nice machine to run it and got it running last night.  It looks like it will do everything I want and allow me to automate it any way I want.  I'll be able to sit by the pool or work under my car or mow my yard and listen to my 5000 favorite songs and also be able to rotate more regularly my all time favorites or some genre or category for a party or occasion.   AND I can add in commercials and an ID.  RDJ is probably overkill for my goals, but it will allow me to grow if I want to.   I was operational with music only within 3 hours of building the machine. I have a long way to go and much to learn, but it is already much better than iTunes/Panda/Amazon streaming!  Hope I am this excited when I get most of the track editing done!   THANK YOU to whoever is the brainchild of this program!!!


Your enthusiasm is much appreciated and remember me the good old days  :ok:
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Welcome to the RDJ family. Marius is the guy responsible for this wonderful software and I am so glad he developed it. And thanks for mentioning Cub Scouts. I also got hooked on radio by going to a radio station with the Cub Scouts. And I later helped establish the first Explorer Post centered on radio and television, which helped me get my first paid job as a disc jockey. I don't know if there are other Broadcast Explorer Posts anywhere, but I sure hope there are.

This program can do almost anything a professional, commercial software can do. I started my station as a retirement project after over 40 years in broadcasting and I love every minute of it!
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to all the vet who have over 30 to 40 years in the radio biz or Dj biz you must admit the bizness has change for the good and the worst from carry crate of records and heavy sound system to just carrying lab top and hard drive, I guess we can say we seen the start and the future of the Djing bizness as well as the new radio game  for radio stations that are now shutting down and merging.

we have seen it all as we stay addicted to the radio virus

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Club DJ from 1986 to 1992 when I quit drinking. Have owned my own commercial DJ service ever since, don't do a lot these days, however, just enough to keep the bills paid for the station. Got into podcasting about five years ago and my kid -- who was born with a curiosity bump -- got into it immediately after as well. This led local parents to talk me into getting a school/community station going. So I did. We managed to duplicate the feel and sound of a commercial station for pennies on the dollar thanks to RadioDJ.

The project ended this spring because of politics (the new principal at the school didn't support it), so I've just kept going on my own as a hobbyist (albeit one who pays for licensing -- I'm legit). Still having fun.
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I have been a DJ in the past but I am brand new to Radio DJ. I am having trouble with some things that I cannot find the answers to.


Professional broadcaster since 1993. Started out on air, segued to production/imaging, then programming. 

Still in radio. I'm also a professional VO talent. I also run my own 'net station www.NorthCoastsGreatestHits.com oldies/classic hits.

Stations I've worked... doesn't include freelance.


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Since 1993, starting as an intern at WMCU in Miami... the original FM station, not the AM station that signed on after Trinity University inexcusably sold out.  I was incredibly lucky.  Not everyone gets their start at a 100,000-watt station in a market of 5 million people.
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I started at a small AM station in upstate NY while a junior in high school (1979). I remember having to try and collect news and type up news stories to do at 5pm. I have great memories of radio. I did it full time for a few years. Worked the over night shift in 1981 in Elmira NY. Boy that was fun taking meter readings, reading ap wire sports and trying to stay awake :) I thought I had made it BIG. Then I was told I needed to make "real money" according to my future and now ex wife lol. So I became a salesman. I had my own DJ business with a great partner in the late 80's and early 90's while I was in sales. We even opened up a teen dance club called Sheik Your Booty. I have always wanted to own a radio station but that is a huge investment. I went back in to radio a few years back and got the bug all over. That is when I started playing around with online streams.

I would love to trade tips and tricks, programs and music ideas, get insight. Hit me up and I will give you my contact info. I am fascinated by what so many do on here and across the internet. Keep up the great work!

Love this program too!!!

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Since 2005, with som intervals. :ok:

Started on a FM Station 104,9,then they changed to 87,9, a few years ago i went to another to work there, it was 87,9 but they changed to 104,9  :D

Wellin 2014 I started two statinos on the web.
Nos I started another one called  Radio Rock: www.radiorockfm.com.br
For while its only onthe web,but i have sent documents of the enterprise association to start a community radio here in my city, so if everything work good, wellhave another statino to be listened onfm ASAP.

i CANBELATE, 6 MONTHS, 1 YEAR,2 YEARS idk,BUT I DECIDED TO PUT IT ONAIR, so i can prepare the place,the radio dj,the website, for the great moment it'll be finally onair.


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What is 71 minus 14....that's how long I have been a broadcaster and/or voice talent. All my life!