Author Topic: "Traditional FM" vs "Web Radio": what differences in music programming?  (Read 935 times)


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Hello everybody.
One of the main thing I often read and listen is that FM and web radio are different and require a different approach. I can agree with this and I also can spot the difference on various aspects (radio frequencies vs digital streaming first of all), but this is not the point. My interest is in music programming. Is there a difference, or should be a difference in music programming a FM traditional radio or a web radio? Aside from the "stationality" and radio "identity" (music format, target audience...)

My question is :
Is it true that there must be a different approach in music programming, or not?

What are your thoughts about that? Anyone have experience in both media (web and FM) to explain what should be and what should not be done in a web radio? Any strategies suggestions?

Chip Douglas Mosley

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Re: "Traditional FM" vs "Web Radio": what differences in music programming?
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In answer to your question, I will give you a definitive "yes and no."  ???

Web radio can be a very specific audio stream, whether it be music or talk. FM radio has a broader content, primarily because it has to appeal to a more local target in order to get ratings (and in a lot of cases, advertising dollars). Web radio can reach a worldwide audience while FM stations have a much smaller coverage area. Here again, ratings are the reason FM targets the local audience.

Yes, you can program your internet station any way you want OR you can program your internet station like a traditional FM station. It's your station. Figure out your potential audience, build your format the way you think will get listeners you want to attract, promote your station and make adjustments as you find necessary to attract more listeners. You don't have to deal with ownership (you're the owner) or management, or group program directors that dictate format to you, or salespeople who tell you that advertisers won't buy time on your station because they don't like the format or the music or the DJs. Play the music you want to play, the music you think people want to hear, presented in the way you want to program. Punk rock to gregorian chants, classical to country, oldies to the newest stuff you can get your hands on.

After 40 years of working for other people's radio stations, owning my own internet station is the most exciting thing I've ever done. My little internet station has a bigger coverage area than all of the on air stations I've ever worked for combined. And the most fun I've had in a long time, too. :) I may not have many listeners (yet) but I'm working on it.

If you can come up with a new and different way of presenting music on your internet station, go for it! :cool:

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