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Multiple SubCategory fro One Song

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Re: Multiple SubCategory fro One Song
« Reply #15 on: November 11, 2019, 07:51:31 PM »
Em using it for Christmas to.
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Re: Multiple SubCategory fro One Song
« Reply #16 on: November 13, 2019, 02:54:28 AM »
I use the genre to pull songs from another category.

Example: I have a sub-cat called Gospel Quartet however there are songs in my National Hits sub-cat that are gospel quartet songs too.

So in my Gospel Quartet Rotation is a line that pulls songs from the National Hits sub-cat but only if the song genre is set to Gospel Quartet.

This works well for some of my situations but not all of them.

I think once the Mood option is active in the Rotation filter selection it will add another element to the selection process.

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Re: Multiple SubCategory fro One Song
« Reply #17 on: November 21, 2019, 10:30:11 PM »

I'd like to see this feature happen, unless someone could explain an easier way to to this.

I don't know if RadioDJ is intended to be used like this, however some of our hosts create specific playlists, while others set rotations for automated shows. My understanding currently is if a host wants to setup a particular rotation for a show they would have to make a separate copy of each song that they wanted in the rotation and assign sub categories to it (for example: John Smith's Morning Melodies - High Rotation, Oldies, Low Rotation, Other). If another host wants a different rotation, or the same host has multiple shows with the same songs, they would have to make yet another copy of the file that they want part of the show. Is this correct? We have tried making large playlists, however they became too large to open. Would an M3U playlist work better instead of the default RadioDJ playlist format?

Is there a better solution for this? If not, I can see a real benefit to allowing multiple sub categories for a particular song.

Why dont the just insert in this new subcategory the songs they need to be there?
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Re: Multiple SubCategory fro One Song
« Reply #18 on: November 21, 2019, 10:38:05 PM »
So I can't have the same song (file) in multiple categories?

Yes, you just have to insert the specifc song in that subcategory.

Maybe you guys should try to create and build your own system of subcategories and genres, i use genres to specify type of subcategories...

Here an example of how i built it...

You have a song called "Toto - Africa" in subcategory "oldies", you want to have "Toto - Africa" in a subcategory called "Rock Ballads", you already have "Toto  - Africa" in "Oldies", you just have to insert "Toto - Africa" into "Rock Ballads" subcategory too.
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Re: Multiple SubCategory fro One Song
« Reply #19 on: December 27, 2019, 03:02:59 PM »
You can use special playlist. :angel:

Playlists are not categories / subcategories. They are difficult to maintain. Categories / subcategories should be based on drag and drop features. Song attributes should dynamically change when copying / moving songs among categories / subcategories.

Example of song categories / subcategories might be:

Artist region / country
Artist gender
Radio format (AC, Rhythmic, Top 40, etc.)
Release format (Box set, DJ Mix, EP, Mix tape, single, etc.)
Release edition (International, Remastered, Special, Tour, UK, Unplugged, US, etc.)
Song genre / style
Song language
Song version (acoustic, cover, instrumental, medley, live, remix, etc.)
Song tags (film, reissued, remastered, etc.)

Besides, categories should include every songs in their corresponding subcategories; so, you can simply pick a general Rock song or a more specific Indie Rock song or an artist from North America or any from Canada or from the United States, etc.

Categories and Sub categories might be dynamically generated; for example, based on determined artists, BPM ranges, genres, languages, regions / countries, etc. For example:

Artist radio
 - Madonna's Radio
 - Phil Collins' Radio

Playlist are not categories / subcategories without doubts.