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4 channel vox recording option to 4 sperate folders?

Started by Enginerd01, February 21, 2018, 12:18:05 AM


I am trying to track down a tech solution that will allow me to record 4 separate studios at the same time.  Vox recording and saved to a folder that separated for each studio.  A way of automating the skimming or aircheck for the live jocks.

Thank you


Maybe this could work for you.


It is a little software solution that you can start as much as you like. You can set each edition to another sound input device and schedule at what time it should record on what day and even 24/7 recordings. Only downside is that it creates a name based on "YYYYMMDDHHMMSS" .wav or .MP3. Solution for that can be a script that renames the file.
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