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D&R Airence and RadioDJv2

Started by ruskiczaj, February 27, 2018, 08:44:41 PM


Hi guys,

it's my first post here, so hello everyone. :) I stumbled upon RadioDJ as I'm looking for some new options for my station regarding automation and console connection. Our current software is somewhat outdated and out of step with what we need currently for smooth work, but probably reperable. Anyways, I'd like to look around for some other solutions and here I am. :)

I'm not so new to radio, but *very* new to RadioDJ, as well as technicalities revolving around setting up proper studio and good working automation.
I'm pretty impressed with what I saw here with Airlite hardware https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG9R42y49Y8, so I started wondering if I could do this with our uni radio Airence. My general questions are:

1) Can it be done just using RadioDJ and Airence Virtual Keyboard Mapper? No soldering through old gamepad would be cool (someone suggested that somewhere else here on the forum - I like that DIY spirit BTW, but I'm not convinced I could do this).
2) Do I need any kind of special plugin?
3) Is Airence SDK of some use here?
4) Is it a big bummer, that machine I'd like to use for tests is running on Win10? Target machine is currently running XP, but it might change some time in not very far future (hopefully).

I also wandered to Jhonny's website, but I'm really not sure whether I need that MIDI plugin or any other plugin that could be found there, or not (regarding only connecting Airence to RadioDJ).

As I said - I'm very unfamiliar with all those technicalities. They certainly ring some bells, but don't add up yet to a bigger picture of what I have to do.  :-[

I'm also not sure it's the right place to put this post, so feel free to move it where it belongs if my judgement was wrong. :)


Hello Ruskiczaj,

I'm using a D&R Airlite. I wrote some tutorials about the connecting between RadioDJ and the Airlite. I think the Virtual Keyboard Mapper of the Airence is pretty the same as the Airlite. All your questions will be answered when you read the tutorials. If you still have some questions just send me a PM.

If you are using a D&R Airlite and want to configurate your Control Buttons and Fader/Module Start and Stop. These two tutorials might help you to do your configuration in RadioDJ Shortkey Editor and Airlite Virtual Keyboard Mapper.

Tutorial configuration Control Buttons:

Tutorial configuration Fader/Module Start and Stop:

If you need a tutorial for a connection of a CD player with faderstartoption to the Airlite, please send a PM and I will send it to you by e-mail (because this tutorial is not RadioDJ related).
Hej Radio ► Netherlands



I am thinking about to buy Airence mixer (works the same way as Airlite). Everything how to connect with RadioDJ is clear to me, except one thing.

Airlite mixer has the control section. As far as I know, RadioDJ do not have the feedback signals from RadioDJ to the mixer. When a button from the control section is activated - it starts to light red when something is playing (for example a cart from the cartwall). When this file is finished to play, how the mixer knows it - how it recognises that it shoudl lit the button back to green? Is that even possible?

Also for example, when I want to use the control buttons to switch between Auto and Manual mode, will it switch the colors = Green for Auto and Red for Manual, the same way as the buttons on the screen? (I know how to connect the keyboard shortcuts but I am now solving the LEDs feedback only).

Second question is - does exist, OR can be anyone here, who can programm the plugin for RadioDJ which will communicate in the Airlite protocoll 2ways?

P.S.: The link for tutorials http://dj-jhonny.nl/Airlite/Configuratie.php does not work anymore, but I was able to search for the tutorial manually. Thanks for it!


QuoteSecond question is - does exist, OR can be anyone here, who can programm the plugin for RadioDJ which will communicate in the Airlite protocoll 2ways?

You are correct that RadioDJ does not send signals back to the Airlite.

From the D&R forum:
On our Wikipedia Airlite page you'll find the Airlite SDK (Service Development Kit) this can be used for the Airlite and Webstation to create your own plugin.

See this post: https://www.d-r.nl/forum/index.php?topic=531.0

You can also ask your specific question at the people of D&R by using their forum. Their respons is normally within a workday. In general it doesn't matter that it is RadioDJ related, because they also have a link and video's of RadioDJ on the website. Just give it a try.
Hej Radio ► Netherlands