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Hover colour glitch

Started by Rob Ashcroft, March 04, 2018, 09:11:23 AM

Rob Ashcroft

Hi Marius, just noticed a slight glitch with the hover colour.

If you change the default hover colour, then some items do not follow the new style when hovering over buttons for the settings panel.

See screen recording here...  https://goo.gl/8EUFea

Not a major problem in regard to operation, but maybe something to check out.

I actually tried changing the default hover colour because grey/black for hover and grey/black for non-active meant that it wasn't too user friendly when hovering over the automated/insert/replace/clear/input button area.

Also when automated button is greyed out, intuitively makes one think that automation is NOT active, when in-fact it is (because the button itself is 'active' in assist mode).  Doesn't really relate to hover, but just an extra thing to note from a user perspective.



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And here's the same problem..

[attachment deleted by admin]


I have seen this for a while now. I thought it was just a burp in the hover over style loading.


when will this be fixed??? i love the new version but have to have the automated / assist button to change colors when its used,  the previous version auto is green / assist is red.  manual is red and auto dj is green.. very helpful so you know whats going on.
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I also like the possibility to  change the color into auto is green / assist is red.  manual is red and auto dj is green.
Will this be possible in the future? Or is it in the meantime possible?

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