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Need zero latency for on mic after Stereo Tools processing

Started by cyjobes, April 07, 2018, 03:17:37 AM


I like the processing of Stereo Tools. I also want to do live shows. My problem is with wanting to hear the mix of mic and music when I am on mic. There is a delay.

I do not use the built in ability to use a mic in RadioDJ. It's simply a preference of mine.

I see this thing called Asio, but not sure how to set this up. If it helps, here is how I set the hardware up.

PC1 is the music automation. The output of this PC is to the mixer. Of course the mic is in the mixer as well.

PC2 is the broadcast PC. It has a Audigy2 ZS sound card. PC2 would take the mixer output and go straight into Stereo Tools. Out of Stereo Tools goes into encoder to send to broadcast software.

I need to hear the output of Stereo Tools, without latency, before or as it goes into the encoder.

Can anyone here help me with this?

Thanks in advance.


There is no such a thing as zero latency when software processing is involved. To work in realtime you must use hardware mixer and processors.

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Quote from: Marius on April 07, 2018, 08:23:41 AM
There is no such a thing as zero latency when software processing is involved. To work in realtime you must use hardware mixer and processors.
You have to realize that when running any software on your PC, that software has to be allocated a certain amount of resources (RAM, processor, etc.) by the operating system in order to function. This reduces the 'pool' of available resources and can affect how other programs function while running at the same time and as such, directly affects latency.
If you want a 'zero latency' environment, then as Marius stated, you have to use hardware processing.
Hardware processing is not integrated into the PC's operating system and therefore doesn't 'eat up' resource allocation like software processing can.
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I figured that might be the case. Does anybody know of any type of processing that I could use instead of the software. I'm on a low budget.


I just downloaded Sound Empire Caster from DJ Garybaldy's site.  It comes with Stereo Tools as a plugin.  Used with Voicemeeter Banana, there is no echo using a microphone.


Hey cyjobes

if you are using a mixer you should hear live mix on you headphones,

Because all feeds go in and out of the mixer, you should get live mix.

I have 2 Condenser microphones with separate Processors units and Telephone feed and Music from Radiodj on Pc1 then also Cd players and a Live Dj setup with decks and Cdj´s fed into my mixer then out the mixer  thru a compressor into Pc2 with Stereo Tools and Encoders for streaming

I get a slight delay if i listen to the Processed Stereo tools Out.. 

We do allot of live shows and we have no issue, I am running live Fm station with this setup

Hardware is so much better when i worked for Kiss fm we Used Orban 8500´s before STL to TX Sites

Also check in Stereo tools you can adjust you buffer settings on output Cards which give less latency

Some older Pictures of how I 1st started, works well for live shows



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Hardware processing is much better for latency free work. Software allways has some kind of a delay. You can lower it but there will allways be latency. Low budget? Just use a hardware mixer, hardware comp/limiter and use the output of that to feed the stereotool and stream software. Cheapest you can find is the behringer MDX2600.
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I would even recommend simply using a hardware compressor / limiter for only your headphones and monitors, not feeding StereoTool with it.  Just split your mixer's output and feed one side to the hardware box and the other to StereoTool.

For the record, terrestrial radio stations have to do this, too.  Most AM and FM radio stations are using digital processors these days, and they also have to maintain a separate analog audio path with separate processing for the presenters to listen to because of the delay.
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