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Updating folder entries.....

Started by hwrdmltn, April 12, 2018, 07:46:18 PM


Hey all - I have a question for those of you that have been doing stations for a while probably know how to do this, but...
I have about five categories of music each in separate folders and frequently I add mp3's to these folders. I have found that I add
mp3's and forget to import them to the database so that RDJ can use them, so they sit in the folder all this time and I forgot
to import it and RDJ never plays it. I came from StationPlaylist Creator, it just saw what was in the folder and created or altered
its database as each mp3 was added.
I know you can remove the folder and then re-import it, but does that change the stats on each song in the folder to where they
now appear as all new entries ready for first time play? Is there another method I should use to add new songs? I have about 1500
songs in each category. I'm running ver
Thanks for reading....


Just import them, if there exists there will not re-imported in version v.182 or v.2
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