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Running multiple stations via VM

Started by djthunderman, April 18, 2018, 11:12:38 PM


I am looking to possibly run multiple instances via a VM server so a few questions for anyone who may have done this or with other software:

Is it possible to run RadioDj without a soundcard installed and still have DSP?

Is it possible to have RadioDJ play .MPA files?

and finally...

Is there a plug-in to automatically watch folders for new audio file updates and add them to the pool of content?

Thank you in advance for the maybe un-educated questions.



Running 3 editions V1.8.2 at www.salto.nl and v1.8.2 at radio251.nl. ( NOW with 2 live studio's! )

Doc Daniels

I'm not sure that link to the other forum is exactly what we're looking for. VMI thought was voice meeter or voice meeter banana and that's not the same as a virtual sound car voice meters the virtual mixer. I too would like to know how to run multiple stations on one computer because voice meeter banana if I understand correctly will only allow 3 virtual cables through the same mix but it has to outputs so technically that would mean only 2 stations could be run through voice meeter banana

Doc Daniels

Now that I read it again I guess BM could have men virtual machine I'm not sure which I read it wrong