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Opinion of new version

Started by WVCB_AM_1410, April 24, 2018, 02:49:01 PM


Ok Guys I have a question

I have been running this version for quite some time and I love it. Has anyone installed and run the new version yet?
I always wait a while before doing upgrades of any type until all the bugs are fixed.

Just curious how everyone likes the new version. I have a new pc sitting in a box just itching to get started up


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I've used all the new versions since 22nd December last year and the software couldn't perform any better, Its really light on CPU and memory, it rarely (never) goes wrong.

I've not heard of any major issues other than the ones Marius is fixing in the next version (Say Time plugin has issues with

If you can live without streaming/dsp/vst plugins then I'd say go ahead test the new version on your machine, Its been stable as a rock here for weeks now.

If the new shiny PC is Windows 10 you shouldn't have too many issues I run it on Windows 10 home.

(People say I'm biased)

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The new version is stable.

There are some small issues which will be fixed in the next version, as Gary mentioned.

I'm still running on Windows 7 Pro and testing a new set up with a NAS for all the music files. So far it works fine.
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I am currently still running v1.8.2 on my production box, but have been tinkering around with v2.0.0.3 on a test box and so far, it is performing better than anticipated.
Some of the improvements take a little getting used to, but overall, I'm impressed with it.
I'm holding out just a tad longer to see what, if any, plugins might get updated to work with this version because, as most of us well know, most of the old plugins/scripts do not work with the latest version. This has 'slowed' my full implementation of it to a production environment, but I haven't given up on it.

In my opinion, if you can live without most of the old plugins/scripts, it's definitely worth switching to. :cool:
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