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Testing new stations

Started by Doc Daniels, May 03, 2018, 02:24:27 AM

Doc Daniels

Region radio focuses on local artist.  We play everyone focus on the local artist. Would anybody mind giving our station a listen and tell us what you think. Right now it just started a few days ago so voice imaging and things like that there's not a lot there, just wanna know what you guys think so far of what we've done thanks



Doesn't seem to be working...
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Doc Daniels

The vintage station should be working but as soon as I posted this we had a power outage in the neighborhood.  both the vintage and local  stations should be working now

Doc Daniels


Just tried, your website loads but when I click listen there is nothing at all
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I think you should work on your website and scripts a little longer. The only station i can hear is the local and i have to go to that station first before playing it. The other stations are not working.
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