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Rotation or Playlist

Started by cyjobes, May 16, 2018, 04:48:34 PM


AM curious how most people use RDJ when it comes to rotation or playlist.

I use the rotation, unless I am doing a live show. I don't always use the playlist during a live show, as I mostly load them up as I go. Though I can see where I might be ahead using the playlist for live.

My rotation made to represent an hour hot-clock.

Teasers run at six minutes after the hour via Events. The songs in the rotation around that time are designed not to have any sweeper or jingle conflicts. Works great.

So how do you use your playlists and rotations? Please share.


Rotation for me.
Approx 64 minutes in length.
I have a parody commercial at 15
A 60 sec network sports feed via events/ podcast at 38
A psa break at 42
A 90 sec news feed via events/ podcast at 58
A rotation with ID reload on the backend.
Larry Tallant
Your Own FM
Listen Live - https://zeno.fm/YourOwnFM


The way I see it the choice depends on what you wan't to do. If you wan't to play "certain non-pre-defined" songs that you can pick randomly based on some criteria, you use rotation. If you wan't to play a pre-defined list of songs, a play list is the way to go.