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"In-the-mix" radio hour (Would like to hear about your scheduling)

Started by Polar, June 28, 2018, 03:40:01 PM


Hi all,

Running my schedule with an hourly reload of a dynamic playlist, with news on the dot. Works great :).

I was thinking on how to catalog my collection of chart mixes, 2-trackers, megamixes. I see roughly a collection of dance/electronic (which is not really my cup of tea), adult contemporary 2010s, the era adult contemporary 60/70, adult contemporary 80/90/00. I previously had a mix programmed in the ordinary dynamic playlist, but felt that the mix did not really belong there. It felt out of tune in the vast collection of radio edits.

So I am looking for a new approach. A full fledged radio hour "In-The-Mix". But again I see some challenges here. I have enough material to fill up this hour with current chart hits non-stop. But this will leave no space for remixes or megamixes from the 80-90-00s. As my collection grows every month, I see the option to prioritize new content for that month, then move it to a lower level. I could have a one-hour for charts, another hour for non-charts mixes. The hour could be programmed with a static playlist, or dynamic. But the general repeat rules will have the wrong impact on the once-a-week--one-hour show since there is to much time in between to shows. (would be great to be able to create additional rules...).

So how are you handling this kind of shows, mixes and all? Looking forward to some great ideas :) :)


You have a very powerful tool at your finger tips ... the Event Scheduler.  It's very versatile, I've been able to do everything I need to do with it.  Whatever music, whatever mixes, genre change, drop in filler songs, spots, psa's jingles, and so on.  And a single event can have unlimited actions.  Furthermore, when you create an action within an event, you can enable or disable the repeat rules.  As you know, there is only so much you can cram into an hour.  Shows require allot more work.  I have a 3 hour show that comes in 12 segments.  It took something like 16 actions in that event to get it all loaded (segments, spots, jingles, ID's, etc).  I'm new here and probably the least qualified to comment.  However, hopefully I've said something that helped.