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Question regarding deleted post

Started by de01002, October 02, 2018, 04:35:48 PM


Hi Admins,
Last week I posted a question about a problem I have with News / Internet Stream tracks in the V2 board. This post disappeared after a few days and my profile was blank (says that I didn't write anything). Since I am quite sure I used only nice words, I tried to get in touch with those who might have deleted the post. streamguys (who is Admin, the member list says) didn't reply to a PM. And trying to write to DJ Garybaldy ended in a "DJ Garybaldy blocked your message" error message.

I didn't want to discuss this in public (or bother Marius with this because he probably has a lot of other things to take care of) but I am running out of options to get in touch with somebody. Who can answer my question about the deleted post?

(I don't want to simply repost my question since there might be some issue with it, first want to make sure I am welcome here...)

Hope to find somebody in charge who can tell me what is going on...


DJ Garybaldy

I'm not quite sure what's gone on.  Were sorry this has happened to you. Please re-report the issue so we can help diagnose it... I haven't deleted any posts recently only spammer/abusive posts.

Just so you know: I don't receive personal messages on here I haven't blocked you its just I kept getting questions meant for the forums via message and it got annoying so I switched my messages off.
Marius doesn't really reply to his messages that often AFAIK. He prefers people to use the forums.
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Thank you DJ Garybaldy!
Ok, then let's just say the forum and I had a bad start and we'll give it another try :)

I get that PMs can be annoying. However, I'd suggest that the forum has one "official" way to contact a responsible person. I thought maybe I did something wrong. Opening a new thread crying "Why did you delete my post" seemed to be the wrong way to me, that's why I tried to reach a responsible person by PM.

I will follow your advice and re-report the issue, thanks for your time!



(If you like, you can simply delete this thread  :D)