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Dear Sir /madam
I have used server almost 2 year. because  it was a free service with unlimited listener . the thing is  tack lots of time to work streaming url  after my up link started . they didn't fix that error past 2 year . now there is no free service I also pay 14 $ per month . but  my streaming link is  breakdown   time to time . may be 10 times a day

I'm work hard to bring listeners to my radio . when the are enjoying my radio  .  shoutcast server going down .  that new listeners blame to me and they never come back  again  what I say to them . because they are bully form me and they fed up with my radio.

I have sent  1000s of emails regarding this .but they are not reply to me . now I can't change my streaming link also becuse fast 2 year I have submit my steaming  link to lots of web and apps  what can I do  sir  or madam

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Re: server with my bad experience
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This is an old problem which I learned after I had already started streaming... and it's a problem that your provider is well aware of it. You have to choose your streaming provider at the beginning, keeping that in mind! I think there is nothing you can do apart from start all over again submitting your new streaming to thousands of radio directories... But there are paying services that allow you to keep always the same ip (which you submit) allowing you to change the real streaming (in a panel), but it costs and doesn't prevent you from start the submitting stuff.
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Re: server with my bad experience
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Thank you so much for your reply