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MySQL 8 vs MariaDB - Important!!!

Started by Marius, May 06, 2019, 11:45:32 PM


Add my name to the people who switched from MySQL to MariaDB. MariaDB is much faster in my environment. I'm running Windows 10 Professional, 16GB RAM, i5 (six cores), on SSD. Note that the same machine is also hosting StereoTool audio processing, which eats a ton of CPU time. The music library includes 5,226 entries.

I have written a custom playlist generator (Clocklist) that runs every 30 minutes to build a clock-pattern playlist for the following half-hour. Clocklist is written in C# and the performance is highly dependent upon the database querys' performance.

After switching from MySQL to MariaDB, the Clocklist playlist generation time dropped from 650ms to 150ms. 150ms includes the I/O for file creation and program execution. Individual database queries often take 7ms to 12ms.

While the previous execution of 650ms is an acceptable time for playlist generation, the drop to 150ms is a good metric for examining the performance of the infrastructure. The only change was the database engine for this dramatic change in system performance.

I continue to use MySQL Workbench to analyze the data.


I'll tell you what, my searches were getting excruciatingly slow with 7000 database entries plus. (beautiful music format) Today the database wouldn't load anything  new and I went and changed the my.ini file in  programdata\mysql\mysql server8.0   to put max_allowed_packet up a bunch to 40M  and suddenly not only did my backup database load instead of error out with max_allowed_packet error, but my searches also became breezy as the wind.   

Just throwing that out there!  I mean instantaneous......Not kidding.


Hi all, so how DOES one switch from MySQL to MariaDB?  Jhonny's tutorial on page 1 seems to be gone now and everything I've looked at online seems to contradict each other (uninstall MySQL vs doing some "mysqldump" which I have no clue about.

Thanks in advance.


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Updated link (2022) for Jhonny's info. Thanks to Jhonny and the new info site host :-)


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i have a question and i already ask it in the dutch forum.
we are swtiched to maria DB with a new computers, now i have the problem that i cannot connect to the host computer with studio 2, hou can i make it work,



In 2023, is still MariaDB a better choice than MySQL for Radio DJ ?
Thank you,

Marc - France


DJ Garybaldy is telling people not to use Mysql server 8 as its buggy If it works for you then thats great just there are users struggling with radiodj and mysql
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