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AdMaster traffic software: Version 4.2 is available

Started by IgorAdMaster, July 30, 2019, 10:44:50 AM


The new version of AdMaster traffic software has been released. AdMaster is fully compatible with RadioDJ; the integration presets are available for both m3u output for the new, and rpl output for the older RadioDJ versions).

Here are the most important new features:

Log reconciliation: the configuration requires the careful manual setup, but once it's set, it works flawlessly. We'll be keeping it in Beta phase until we add the presets to simplify the integration with the major playout platforms. AdMaster monitors Radio DJ's broadcast log and sends you the e-mail alerts in case of any mismatch between the scheduled and played spots are found. The Traffic Log Editor in AdMaster can now show the broadcasted times, and the affidavits are available under Stats and Reports. The free billing/invoicing online tool will be available soon, and we are open to all suggestions regarding the features (no purchase of AdMaster will be necessary);

Advanced commercial breaks configuration: AdMaster can limit the commercial breaks, top them up if they are shorter, and will alert you in case you are trying to schedule too many commercials in too short break; the scheduling behavior is changed according to users requests: if the break is time-limited, it will now be strictly kept under the limits, and the user will be notified about the spots that had to be left below the duration limit line (in previous versions, the scheduled algorithm considered that it was more important to play all scheduled spots, overriding the duration limit settings if necessary);

Keeping the stations in sync: The scheduling algorithm will dynamically top up the shorter breaks on the entire network, to match the duration of the longest running commercial break (on any station). Or you simply pick the "master" station, and the commercial breaks durations on all other stations will be adjusted accordingly on-the-go. This tool can raise traffic scheduling on the networks of stations on the next level.

Single-station, Multi-station or Network campaigns: fast and intuitive scheduling, no matter if you're a single station, or a network of stations in different cities.

In case you have missed the information about the previous versions, here's a couple of features that you may like:

The Workstation version allows the remote scheduling from the unlimited number of locations. Your clients can schedule their own campaigns on their own, and send the schedule directly to AdMaster at your station, changes effective immediately;

The endless scheduling combinations are available: static hours, variable hours, dayparting, positioning inside the commercial breaks, spot groups (a.k.a. piggybacking or spot reminders), e-mail reminders for each campaign, voice separation, two levels of same business separation; complex campaign setups with the unlimited campaign segments (rules) and number of spots;

Playing the separate commercials on separate frequencies or audio channels; if your playout software supports the unattended traffic log updates, all changes on the campaigns are effective immediately;
    ...and many more.

For the full list of features and a free trial, please visit www.admaster.info.
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AdMaster - Radio commercial scheduler


Just set up the software. Affidavit's are blank, however. I'm assuming it has to tie into the RadioDJ broadcast log somehow? Any ideas on how to do that since it's from a SQL server and not a log file?