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How Big is your music collection?

Started by DJ Garybaldy, September 26, 2019, 12:07:07 PM

DJ Garybaldy

As the Topic suggests how big is your music collection? Not just in Numbers but how much space do they take up on hard drives on your computers?

Mines about 87GB at present with new songs being added weekly/daily. I don't have a huge collection approx 11,500 tracks I cut out a lot of the obscure album tracks and mainly concentrated on chart music from as far back as the 1950s.

Its great trying to curate a digital song collection. If only technology had been this advanced 30 years ago when I had to use actual records.
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Tracks from the 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s and some 00s
takes 406.3 G from a 1000 G drive.
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According to my Music Drive I'm using 196GB at the moment but that includes everything i have with two stations and mixes i've done too...
Not currently known with XperienceRewind as I can't access the system :(

Here's a mix i did some years ago with Timecoded Vinyl (image below) if anyone fancies a listen:

Those we're the Days Gary, Vinyl Records :) I moved from Records to timecoded then I got myself a Pioneer DDR... It's all changed but still fun :D


Well my music collection is pretty wide to say the least. RadioDJ can choose out of little more than 16k titels over different categories. The files on the 2TB harddrive are around 400gb in MP3, 320kbps and WAV. So it's a lot but not all of the music  :hihi:
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My personal music collection is about 47,000 tracks. SQFM has about 5,100 tracks. I'm only adding stuff I really like and being careful to ditch the stuff I don't.

Hey Emma, sweet setup.
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Here are about 7000 tracks on the PC, and +/- 500 waiting (total 172 GB)
Only tracks are played that were once a hit, unknown is unloved, even if people hate a hit single, they keep listening.
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Chaos Radio!

When I operated Chaos Radio the punk music collection was at 81,000 to 82,000ish songs. All were loaded in Radio DJ with the repeat rules set to the maximum. I believe in total they were on about 2 TB of storage, but I had that spread across multiple drives of different sizes.
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currently 146G for 8303 files in a section in Mp3
and all the news for 2 years in Wave.


Chip Douglas Mosley

I have access to every song that ever made the Billboard Top/Hot 100 from 1953 through 2000. I'm running an internet oldies station. I have over 8,000 songs loaded into RDJ. Most are 320kb. 141 gigs of memory in use. In some cases, I also have mono single and stereo album cuts, and DJ edits for some songs.
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we have almost 100,000 mp3 tracks from 60s to charts and takes up 1tb
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According to RadioDJ 80,090 as of this minute.
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I haven't done a count lately but around 80k mp3 and FLAC. Takes close to 800gb of a 1TB drive.