Author Topic: SOLVED! Playing an internet stream  (Read 431 times)


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SOLVED! Playing an internet stream
« on: January 09, 2020, 01:00:31 PM »
Well i don't know everything that is for sure  :hihi:

I am struggling with a problem i have playing an internet stream with RadioDJ V1.8.2. I imported the stream as internetstream and that works. It loads up at 10 seconde before play, we all can see that happening but then there is my problem. At start of the internet stream, it's 5 seconds silent and suddenly cut in. The mixer doesn't seem to do anything with it while the tracks are mixed correctly.

My Preload is 10 seconds, my mix buffer now is "3". Play buffer 1000ms. Silence removal is set to -48db at start. A file from the internet ( my news file in this case ) is played directly when it loads and need to play.

Am i overlooking something or is there a setting that i can't see or find that does this?

I did made a check on the harddrives and one was going down. So i replaced the harddrives with SSD and that solved a lot of the problems. Another thing that happend was when you start an incoming internet stream by hand, it is silent for a couple of seconds. When done through an event it starts the second the line is started. With a file that coming through the internet, the duration is known and it will play when you start it. A live stream won;t when manually inserted into the playlist.
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