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Import seperation marker as a setting

Import seperation marker as a setting
« on: January 18, 2020, 09:28:51 AM »
At this moment, if there is no tag in an audio file, RDJ tries to determine artist/title through the file title while importing tracks. However, it uses "-" as seperator. When your artist/title has a "-" in it, the seperation goes wrong.

Now most of these artists and/or titles use that seperator without spaces, while usually the "real" seperation in the filename is with spaces around it (so " - "). It'd be neat to be able to set the seperation for filename determination of artist/title in Options, so you can choose which seperator is used, and if "-" is treated as seperator or " - ".

And no, putting title/artist in tags isn't always a solution (WAV files don't have a standard way of tagging, and there are reasons that you may not want to tag files)