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Invoicing and billing tool for RadioDJ
« on: March 17, 2020, 11:13:14 AM »
Hi everyone,

Hope that you're all in good health.

Under the orders to stay at home in the declared emergency state, we've decided to speed up the development of our new application, and have it prepared to be ready to contribute in the recovery process as of the very first day once this disaster is over.

It's named AdBilller, and it will be free of charge for everyone. The website is here:; the registration will be available soon.
AdBiller is a multi-os compatible browser-based invoicing tool. It will process the broadcast logs, and you will be able to create the invoices (with broadcast affidavits / reports) based on the broadcasted commercials (data retreived from the broadcast logs), and the station's advertising rate card. Lots of advanced options will be available, such as different pricing models (per spot, per second, per campaign), weekparting and dayparting (one price is valid for the morning, another one for the evening hours, the separate price for the weekends, etc.), adding the custom invoice items (such as production), VAT or non-VAT invoicing, discounts, e-mailing the invoices, and so on.

Basically, AdBiller is the add-on to AdMaster, our traffic scheduling software. Whoever is using AdMaster, will be able to prepare the entire monthly set of invoices in just a couple of mouse clicks (the campaign information is retrieved directly from AdMaster's database). The others will need to set AdBiller to read their broadcast logs.

Obviously, we need the access to the broadcast logs to make this happen (and to prepare the broadcast reports with the exact dates and times too).

As far as I understand, RadioDJ writes the broadcast log to the sql database, which won't work for us. We need a plain txt, csv, log, or similar format. AdBiller will be able to open anything than can be regularly opened and visible in Notepad.

Is there is a plugin that can extract the broadcast log from the sql database file and make it available in such format?

Thanks for your feedback and opinions.

Take care and stay safe,

Igor w/AdMaster team
Software developer
AdMaster - Radio commercial scheduler