Author Topic: 'Dont repeat track..' Limit in tracks rotation  (Read 372 times)

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'Dont repeat track..' Limit in tracks rotation
« on: April 14, 2020, 06:25:25 PM »
Just curious why (and how) the 'Don't repeat track for x minutes' is limited to 10000 minutes.

This amounts to just under a week (10000/1440=6.944444... days).
Due to the effects of the various rules, some songs get repeated relatively often while some will not get picked for a couple of weeks. I would like to give those songs a chance and stir the mix by adding a long delay thus preventing the all-too-regular songs from hogging the queue.

Is this a parameter that I can change or is 10000 minutes hard code? If the latter, consider this a Feature Request.
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