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Breakdown Question

Started by tarancepil7, May 14, 2020, 07:38:14 PM


Im a beginner DJ primarily mixing house, tech house, latin house, and tribal. I have the basics down but am getting caught up with what to do during the breakdown of a track. I will bring in a track from the intro, mix with EQ, and pull it all the way in but find myself needing to keep the groove going through the breakdown.

What are some ways that you all get around this? Do you mix starting at the breakdown and going to the second chorus or start from the beginning? I have also tried taking the 4x4 kick from another song to put underneath but still find that it lacks energy. Any tips? happymod

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RadioDJ is NOT a DJ mixing suite... Its for Radio playout. Sure you could do live mixes via the Live input but as for mixing tracks in RDJ that isn't possible.
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