Author Topic: US AM/FM Censorship Curiosity  (Read 343 times)


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US AM/FM Censorship Curiosity
« on: July 15, 2020, 07:08:14 PM »
What prompts my post is actually my favorite radio station a couple hours outside my market, an AM/FM with a tunein stream. Daytime talk, night and weekend rock.

I understand that the FCC does not have a list of forbidden words, but leaves it to community standards. The station is in one of the most conservative counties in the region, lots and lots of religious folks. Thing is, even during safe harbor, they let some songs through completely uncensored while playing the radio edit for others, I've even heard both versions of the same song. Nowhere else have I heard "fuck" or "shit" go out over the airwaves before 11pm. Ironically enough, their hourly news block comes from a conservative news service that often airs ads for christian healthcare "ministries".

I'm certainly not complaining, I prefer uncut music. I'm just curious if anyone else has heard stations that routinely let the "big" swears go through?krogerfeedback


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Re: US AM/FM Censorship Curiosity
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2020, 07:54:41 PM »
Think you have to be Dutch to say and show what you like.
But don't be insulting, unless there is no other way, to make your point.
That is our right to freedom of expression and speech.

Okay, I was born in Amsterdam and there you can say everything that you don't like, both negative and positive, regardless of your religion or color. (Amsterdamers are saying don't make your heart a pitfall), we can also understand the criticism of others whether we agree or not.
Perhaps this right does not always come in handy  :D

PS. So I can say you're crazy, but still love you.  :hihi: :cool:

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