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What should i do, upgrade to a beta version?

Started by radiodj@havank.nl, July 16, 2020, 01:35:20 PM


Hello All,

I'm running for a few years RadioDJ and it is a great program! For now i'm at stucked at release, almost flawless... Almost... Besides non-stop there are recorded shows (approx. 1 hour running time).

Every houre there is a top of the hour event. Looks like this:
Load track show-1 (about 1 hour running time. Of course only when there is a show otherwise this entry is not there)
Load track starter (a jingle)
Load track news

Not very difficult. But sometimes the "show-1" starts before the track news, running for approx 1 second and it disapears from the playlist: result is that the show won't be played... I have two identical systems, same hardware running exactly the same RDJ version/Database with shared music on a dropbox account. Strange thing is when this happens on one system, the other system played everything ok and vice versa.  Show-1 is a variable duration file.

I hope a newer (beta) version solves this problem, but i don't need new problems. Is this a known problem with possibly some workaround?