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RDJ Dashboard V1.0

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RDJ Dashboard V1.0
« on: January 13, 2021, 07:49:42 AM »

So with the build of the RDJ T-1.0 (RadioDJ Template) I got to thinking of separating the dashboard and making it a standalone as that way when I do more front end site templates in the future they can be implemented in easier Or just used separately...

I've taken down all the previous Premium templates from my site as I'm going to do complete new ones that will work with the dashboard...
This dashboard is set as a premium and if you're interested:

// RDJ D-V1.0
With this script you can search you're song library and edit song information as well as update rotation weight, category etc
A members list for users with control over who can use the REST Server playlist and Song list access. (djs and presenters)
Playlist direct from RadioDJ using the REST Plugin, add songs using the search feature to the top or bottom of the queue directly.

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