Author Topic: Encoder window control does not update / stop or start all encoders not working  (Read 408 times)


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on the RadioDJ Streamer  (Encoders window) .. if the control shows a red square I am assuming the encoder stream is off correct?  if the control is showing green play icon and I click it I can stop the stream but only momentarily (it responds in about 5 seconds) but when I refresh the radio website it starts playing again (and it's not a replay of the broadcast)
once I have done that -  clicking that icon again does absolutely nothing.
If I right-click and choose start all encoders or stop all encoders - again nothing happens it has no effect on the stream
The software is so flakey I can not get it to respond consistently
I have my encoder set at ICECast v2 using MP3Lame   - I'm using RadioDJ

Am I missing something here?   :-[