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How Long Have you....?

Started by DJ Garybaldy, January 29, 2021, 03:38:32 PM

DJ Garybaldy

I've just realised that I've been into Internet radio now for 21 years. I got into it after streaming a Studio 54 tribute station on LIVE365 and realised this was something I wanted to pursue as a hobby.

I've learnt a lot in that time and that's why I try to share my advice via my blog.

So How Long have you been into internet radio and more importantly what got you into it?
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I'm into radio stations since 1989, into internet radio since 2013.
So many things have changed during these years in broadcasting. In the 90's people loved radioshows with not too much talk inside, now people are looking for both contents and music.
Now you can make a radioshow without needing to get out and get into the radio station, right from your home studio with an incredible audio quality... in the 90's you had to drive to the main studio, even if it was snowing :D


Well how long? I started somewere in 1993 with illegal radiostations in the Netherlands so quite a long time. The internetstation i am running now was started in 2014 with ( yes i am honest ) a hacked version of SAM Broadcaster. Not very easy to work with and problems all the time so then i discovered the free software. First tried the linux version like Rivendell that i could not get started at all. Than there was RadioDJ, installed it and within 2 hours it was running! Sinds that time it never stopped, only when i stopped it.
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