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Closing my Stations

Started by SteveHS, March 21, 2021, 03:32:12 PM


Hello all,
I've decided to close both of my internet stations, though this will be temporary I feel it's best at this time.
XperienceRewind has been running for 15 years now with around a thousand listeners on a daily basis and as such costs me around £100 per month + licencing.
XperienceRadio has been running for 16 years and although not as big as Rewind costs me around £60 per month + licencing.

As I'm just about to setup a new company I need to give it the best opportunity and feel that £160 a month can be better spent in supporting my new startup.
My insurance for one truck is £12,000 per year plus Fuel costs, Maintenance, Tyres etc etc and Living costs so you can see I need to scrape all monies together, Hopefully once I'm running and things settle I'll relaunch the stations.
StewartsWebWorks.com will remain online with RadioDJ Templates and I'll still be around when I have time, still doing websites, templates and scripts.

So with that being said, ​once XperienceRewind and XperienceRadio close, many images and links will become obsolete.
There's that many folders with images I feel it best to remove everything from the servers.
Start again with a better structure so to speak, but anyways, just wanted to let you all know why images / links will be broken and why this has happened :)

Thank you!



Sorry to hear when one leaves. Steve, I wish you a big good luck!
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Thank you stevewa and plauri :)


Well hello to all...
I thought I'd pop a message on as an update to my progress.

As you know I started a new company and it's been going well, so well in fact I've had to buy another truck due to turning work away.
I do still pop on from time to time but don't really have the time to help or support.
I did mention that I was closing both my stations down which I did but after receiving over 100 emails from listeners to my 70s 80s station I had to put that back online so XperienceRewind is still up and running.

StewartsWebWorks is still online with the free scripts and I've removed the paid ones as I haven't got time to update them nor help in any way with support issues which I am Sorry for but I must put this new business first.

Anyways, I do hope you are all well and I'll keep popping on when I can.
All the best to everyone and I'll wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year encase I miss it hahaha

Thanks :)


Do you drive Bjork around on your flat Lordy while her band plays? Lol
Good news!