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General discussion topic - How do you sort your songs?

Started by DJ Sharky, March 30, 2021, 08:36:02 PM

DJ Sharky

I'm just curious how everyone sorts  out their music within RDJ so they have great control over their music?

Here's what I do...

1. Thinking of a large vinyl music collection stored on shelves - your most played (thus most popular) would be on the top shelf. Your occasionally played songs would be on the middle shelf and finally the stuff that almost never gets played would be placed on the bottom shelf.
2. Now for every song you have you can choose the "energy level" of the song - a floor-filler or fast song would have a "high" energy level. A "medium" energy level song would be a toe tapper. And finally you "Lo" energy songs would be your ballads or chill tunes.

so keeping that in mind... all my music is sub categorized like the following:

1990s - Top - Hi    (song released in the 90s  - top shelf - High energy)
1990s - Top - Med (song released in the 90s  - top shelf - medium energy)
1990s - Top - Lo (song released in the 90s  - top shelf - Low energy)
1990s - Mid - Hi (song released in the 90s  - middle shelf - High energy)
1990s - Mid - Med (song released in the 90s  - middle shelf - Medium energy)

You get the idea. I do this for every decade I play. So in my case I play music from the 1950s to 2015 thus a total of 63 subcategories PLUS I have  the categories of "Christmas", "Halloween" & "unsorted" for a grand total of 66 subcategories.

And finally I have those subcategories further sorted by genre.

This gives me total control of the decade, popularity, energy level and genre of my programs and events :)

Now let's hear yours...

DJ Sharky