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Auto Dj from Playlist
« on: May 26, 2021, 01:25:28 AM »
Going to ask a dumb question.  Can you run the auto dj based off of a playlist, or does it strictly run off the database?  I want to set up the same list I have in Live365, which is about a thousand songs.  Also, how would you set up the commercial triggers in Auto Dj to run when they're supposed to?

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Re: Auto Dj from Playlist
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2021, 12:05:16 PM »
AutoD runs from the database.

You can have 2 sorts of playlists in RadioDJ Database and .m3u and AFAIK it handles m3u playlists fine.

You'll get better results if you leave track rotations to load your songs.
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Re: Auto Dj from Playlist
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2021, 02:15:54 PM »
You could use this SQL in your rotations to pick from a playlist.

Code: [Select]
FROM playlists pl
LEFT JOIN playlists_list pll
ON pll.pID = pl.ID
LEFT JOIN songs sn
ON sn.ID = pll.sID
AND = "BieberPlaylist" -- <<-- Playlist that you want to play from.
ORDER BY sn.date_played ASC


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Re: Auto Dj from Playlist
« Reply #3 on: June 02, 2021, 10:16:33 PM »
We use events to load ad blocks 3x an hour, setting it to load them at the top of the list, and use rotations to keep the playlist loading based on a pattern of songs and drops.

Station IDs and Ads play without any crossfade, and everything else uses a .333 second crossfade.

The real magic happens when we switch to and from a satellite program that comes in on a BARIX IP Audio device with contact closures that we convert to keyboard shortcuts with an XKEYS XK-12 USB Switch Interface programmed to pass Keyboard Shortcuts that correspond to Radio DJ commands. The only drawback is Radio DJ MUST be the top active window, and any window that pops up will cause it to fail when that window gets FOCUS.

I have been meaning to change it to use the REST server, but usage of the REST server isn't well documented, and I haven't bothered to dig in too deep.

During satellite programming we go to AutoDJ disabled mode, stop, clear the playlist.  about 2 minutes early before each break we issue the stop command, preload ads and filler (because break lengths are not exactly known) and then it waits for the play hotkey from the XKEYS XK-12 to start playback.  At the return from break relay closure the XKEYS XK-12 sends a stop command via programmed keyboard shortcut.

Each ad break does the STOP, load block in a single event.

When an ad break relay closure happens I parallel the relay closure to toggle a 2x1 audio switch to dead end the remote audio into nothing because they play instrumental music with a countdown at the end...  The return from break relay closure switches the audio with the 2x1 audio switch into an always on mixer console channel.

Sadly, that program is from stupid show providers who haven't heard of internet time sync or GPS time coordination, and who switch whenever at the start or end of their shows..  Because of that I use a start and end event to hard switch to and from them instead of using their relay closures.  If it switches and they are late, so be it... if they are early, so be it. I am not going to try any harder when they refuse to act professionally.  They also sometimes fail to send break relay closures.

When that happens I manually trigger the event loaded ad block to play, if I catch it.

I am supposed to be the engineer, not the DJ or program director... not really my job to babysit their flaky show provider 2x a day.

I have done my best to make the satellite programming reasonably reliable... all the issues are the shows provider failing to send relay closures.

I have considered using a raspberry pi to debounce the relays and also to override signal if their closures fail by a certain time.

Yes, sometimes they also chatter the relay going TO break a few times, and that sucks... the same thing as you hot keying the play command multiple times... makes it skip ads, sometimes all of them.

I think I have the best setup for when we are playing local content.

I have a weather and news folder that plays the most recently saved file... that's Awesome with a remote voice talent uploading files every day, and if there is an emergency update no change in programming is required, just a new file being written to the news or weather folders.

I have 3 event slots per hour 7 days a week, not including IDs at the top of the hour.

My format is (day number of week 0-6 for Monday through Sunday)-(hour and minute expressed as ####)- Name of ads or promos

01-0020- McD's   Walsmart   Insurance
01-0040- Ranch Store   DQueen   Rodeo
01-0100- ID   Walsmart   Insurance   Donuts
01-0120- McD's   Ranch Store   Clothes Store A
01-0140- Donuts   Insurance   Ranch Store
01-0200- ID   Donuts   Walsmart   Rodeo
01-0220- McD's   Insurance   Clothes Store B
01-0240- Walsmart   Ranch Store   DQueen
02-1200- ID   McD's   Clothes Store A   Insurance
02-1220- Mc D's   Ranch Store   Rodeo
02-1800- Switch to Satellite and stop playing
02-1814- preload 6:15PM break after clearing list
02-1843- preload 6:45PM break after clearing list

The reason for clearing the list before each ad break during satellite programming is to clear any over-provisioned audio before loading the current ads and filler. Eliminates any chance of messing up and not playing the correct ads at the correct time, or missing them entirely.

The event names always sort in chronological order, including the day of the week.
01 = Monday, 02 = Tuesday, 03 = Wednesday, 06 = Saturday, ETC.

All special events start with letters, which sort after the ad traffic.

This is pretty east to maintain without using any third party Traffic rotation software, though you need to edit the end of the event names to reflect changes any time you move ads around or add new ones.

BONUS:  You can go in Event List, unselect View By Hour, then type a few letters of an ad name and see exactly where they are and who else shares their slot, without having to scroll past unrelated events or ads from other customers that don't share their ad blocks.

I considered using all playlists, but I love the rules based music rotations of Radio DJ better than any other playlist generator.

It's rare that it messes up and breaks the rules...

Thanks to Marius we have a great automation system that is super versatile with a little forethought and planning from the engineer and traffic entry people.



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Re: Auto Dj from Playlist
« Reply #4 on: June 03, 2021, 06:32:24 AM »
Thanks for that helpful hint, KXOL1660AM, I will definitely try it.

Right now I'm an internet radio station of one, so I am the engineer, dj, ad guy, news director, on air personality (when I have time to go on air), intern, so things are a little hectic.  And I only have 3 or 4 listeners right now, mostly family.

My only concern on using events is that I don't want to cut off songs if they run a little long.  I'm experimenting with Tracks rotation, but for some reason I can't get the rotation to add the commercial triggers.  It will do it once, but after one time through, nothing.

I agree that this is an awesome piece of software, especially for the price (thanks again Marius!).  Just having some stumbling blocks, but I'll get there.  I'm running a classic rock/metal station and I think once I get this issue lined out, along with my IDs and jingles/sweepers, it'll be one of the best rock stations on Live365!

P.S.  I just saw how using the event scheduler works, and I like that it inserts the ad instead of cutting off the end of the song, so I got that lined out.  Thanks Again, KXOL1660AM!  That solves a lot of issues.


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Re: Auto Dj from Playlist
« Reply #5 on: June 03, 2021, 12:40:34 PM »
Ok, here's what I did if anyone is interested.  I set up two events: 
   1.  Top of the Hour Commercials
   2.  Bottom of the Hour Commercials.

Each of the above events have two actions:  the 120 second trigger from Live 365 along with a random station id.  The station ID is set to run first and at the top followed by the Ad trigger, which is also set for the top.  This way, the commercials play first, and the station ID runs right before the music.  I also have a rotation going that does a good mix of all the different categories I have set up.  I've run it like that for the last six hours with no issues whatsoever!  Thanks to everyone for their assistance!


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Re: Auto Dj from Playlist
« Reply #6 on: June 03, 2021, 08:27:45 PM »
Events don't cut off music... they get pushed in to the top or bottom of the list depending on your selection, and play next after the current file, or play after the current playlist finishes, before the next block loads.

You CAN cutoff current file playing if you issue a stop command.... but that's up to you.

In a real radio station that has legal obligations for Top of hour IDs, the FCC has 2 possible windows... plus or minus 5 minutes, or during satellite programming it's as soon as it is convenient..

The only time we cut off music here is when switching to a live satellite program at a hard time, lie our 5AM and 6PM shows. Also the return to live satellite programs when they give us a relay closure... We have to set our standard 3 ads per break, plus 5 songs where usually only 2 play, but if the remote show host needs more time to take care of personal needs they may go longer than the minimum 5 minute break.

You have it easy.

Sometimes I wish we were streaming only.

Good luck.


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Re: Auto Dj from Playlist
« Reply #7 on: June 11, 2021, 01:35:52 PM »
Going to ask a dumb question.  Can you run the auto dj based off of a playlist, or does it strictly run off the database?  I want to set up the same list I have in Live365, which is about a thousand songs.  Also, how would you set up the commercial triggers in Auto Dj to run when they're supposed to?

Hi, of course you can.
Open playlist creation and manually enter the songs you want, but then you also have to enter all the jingles by hand and not automatically.
I believe that instead it doesn't create problems for the airing of events (for example commercials)
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