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get me radio

Started by ricky, August 26, 2021, 05:14:51 PM


just want to say how imprest i am with the service of this website it is free and i was a bit skeptical but they are good worth a try



Get Me Radio! - Your Free Internet Radio Directory - List your station at https://getme.radio


Would you please tell me why we are unable to upload cover art? Sent 2 emails and it's been a week without a response.

This is what we see on our dashboard

We need to be able to upload images for artists the service you use for images does not have correct ones for...

For instance, this is not DJ Rap:

This is:

There's also the issue of your system not respecting capitalization in artist names so DJ Rap ends up as Dj rap and as such the top image would still show rather than then bottom one once uploaded.

Any comment on if/when we will a) be able to upload, b) you are able to fix your system?


that site is a disaster. i wanted to listen to chillout music i entered the category. there were 20 stations in the list that didn't work or didn't exist, only one opened and it was absolutely not chillout music. a terrible experience. probably an abandoned and unmaintained site