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Sound Empire Caster how do I get "Now Playing" to show ???

Started by mitchrapp, September 02, 2021, 09:37:10 AM


Hi, will someone using  Sound Empire Caster regularly, explain how to get "NowPlaying.txt" to correctly display for example on the "Shoutcast Stream Status" check web page.  If it shows there I know it's working properly and will show in the legal places it needs to show.   

Currently, Nowplaying is showing in the display Log with the Artist name - Song Title.  But doesn't clear the previous song title from my Shoutcast AutoDJ stream at Shoutcast stream status, keeps showing the last song title. (YES, I know you have to hit refresh to see changes).

I been using the "no name" encoder since day 1 using RDJ, it never breaks, its is very minimal on resources, the only improvement it needs is the ability to name the streams.  When I am doing guest gigs I might have 6 or 7 encoders set up for different clubs.   For that reason I am considering  SE Caster, if SEC can't show nowplaying  club owners get in trouble...  so how are you showing "nowplaying"?

Thank you
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Thank you, RFU for reply...  I do have nowplaying.txt linked

Notice in the log display, it shows the song titles changing,  but it's not getting pushed out online
see these images


No song title listed on Shoutcast  (see 2nd image)

damn I never can figure out how to make post with inline images.  I need to do more posting, and right now don't have time to figure out... please point to link saying how to post inline image...
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i use the encoder but don't have the utf8 box try untick it


Hi Brodephat - I saw the video a couple of times, only thing I don't have setup is a template, I have used "no name" encoder, Butt, and one other encoder and none required template to get the basic "artist name - song title", I believe the reason is the default output of "nowplaying" is artist name - song title
Quote from: Brodephat on September 03, 2021, 01:47:09 AM
Here is a video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX1aVp0DKpg&t=146s

Quote from: ricky link=topic=15613.msg86297#msg86297i use the encoder but don't have the utf8 box try untick it

I tried that too, as well as a bunch of other tricks & tries....  ty though

BTW, I did a live set Thursday with no-name-encoder  and artist name - song title was displayed properly where it should be for legal reasons.    Why am I considering a different encoder, simply because I can identify which club the encoder is setup for using "name for url" instead if just IP address.  No name just shows the IP numbers. If I only have to remember 4 encoders which they belong to, ok no problem but sometimes there might be 6 or 7 in the list.

Here is "No Name Encoder" working  it shows like SE Caster the NowPlaying "artist name - song title"  in the app •see reply #2• so this indicates the settings are getting "Nowplay" from RDJ it it should push the "NowPlaying" info to whichever streaming music app or to "Shoutcast Stream Status" check page..  as seen below with "no name encoder":

Quote from: ricky link-topic=15613.msg86297#msg86297i use the encoder but don't have the utf8 box try untick it

■ ■ ■ I'm sort of curious, maybe you should check the shoutcast online status and see if you see your songs "nowplaying" info  I don't get any of the info that is suppose to be pushed  no "Station Name', no "Description", no "Genre"

Please indicate if you are using a template, and which folder the template is located.  Roderic uses one,
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Semi-related to this thread:

I finally got my Sound Empire Caster to include the contents of the now playing text file, but it's URL encoding the string, so spaces are displayed %20 and so forth. I thought maybe that some upline process was doing this, but I can see the issue right in the SE logs too.

I'll keep messing with the settings, but it seems like I tried every combo I could think of.