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Repeat rules apply to multiple subcategories
« on: December 21, 2021, 09:42:09 PM »

I have 2 subcategories (say sub_1 and sub_2) containing tracks from the same artist.
Sub_1 contains tracks from a specific artist (say artist name is "A").
Sub_2 contains tracks from multiple artists (including "A").

My setup includes 2 events:
  • An event which plays one track from sub_1 per day.
  • An event to load a track from sub_2 on top of the queue with the "Repeat Rules" option checked so that the same artist doesn't play again for 2 days (I have set the "Don't play same artist for" option in Options -> AutoDJ).
However this rule applies to all the tracks from an artist "A".

Consequenlty no artists's "A" tracks from sub_2 are selected due to the repeat rules not being satisfied for sub_2 event
(sub_1 event plays a track from artist "A" once a day therefore artist "A" cannot be played for the next 2 days from sub_2 event).

Is there a way to use repeat rules for one subcategory only and not for all tracks when setting up a "Load Track from Category" action in an event without using SQL?

Thanks in advance.