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REST Server triggering Instant Players to start/stop

Started by kinghamr, February 04, 2022, 01:15:53 AM


Is there a way that the REST Server to start and stop an audio event on a specified Instant Player Wall?

I'm using RadioDJ to take a live feed at 5 PM, Monday-Thursday and tape delaying it to play it at 7 PM and using a few other to prep the show for airing:
1.   PiraCZ - To be LPFM-Compliant, I'm using PiraCZ to trigger the next track by REST Server
-   This portion is working well
2.   Snooper Professional – I'm using this to record the show, and it is working too good and renames the segment to an appropriate name for airing for WideOrbit to take.

However, I have a small "Tone" that I need to play in the background of the host's audio using the carts just in case if it drops out for 2 number of seconds so that my recorder doesn't prematurely drop the host's segment.

Currently I have this code:[INSTANT PLAYER NAME]|[BUTTON LOCATION like 1/2/3/etc.]&arg=[0 TO PLAY]/[1 TO STOP PLAYING]

My "Tone" is in the "Default" page, and it is in the 1st spot of the cart.

Thanks in advance!