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A Technical Question About HDDs

Started by RFU, March 06, 2022, 11:25:52 AM


You might have read in another forums I was having problems with files and entire subdirectories disappearing from my HDDs after I put them into a 4 bay external enclosure.

So I copied all the files from 3 HDDs to a 3Tb HDD. It's partitioned and each partition is named the same as the original HDDs

And any updates or new music has been added to the new 3Tb HDD

I intend to shut down RadioDJ, disconnect the 4 bay external enclosure, connect a single external dock with the 3Tb HDD, go into Windows 10 device manager and change the drive letters to the original drive letters, then restart RadioDJ

Will it work? I'm hoping that because the drive letters and names are the same that RadioDJ will see them and continue operating without having to re-import everything. Then I only have to import the new files.
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DJ Garybaldy

If you're restoring the drive letter RadioDJ should see those files again as long as they have the same path.

I used to have my files on what I called the F:\ drive and  I just changed the drive letter on the computer and my files were seen again without having to do a relocate
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Thanks Gary

I just wanted to make sure before I did something stupid and shut down the station
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