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I bring you greetings from the FUTURE!

Started by Doug Infinity, April 04, 2022, 08:24:09 PM

Doug Infinity

Hello friends! After a few years of studying Euclidian and non- Euclidian geometery, Newtonian and Quantom physics, special and regular relativity sprinkled with some Eastern philosophy, I've created a way to project myself backward in time in order to bring you a warning from the future, but first allow me to intoduce myself.

I'm Doug Infinity, co-creator of Pretty Good Radio which has yet to launch. My partner in crime, Walter Ego and I are developing the sound, compiling a HUGE library of Pretty Good music and programming, and of course cobbling together the infrastructure and what not.

I've already benefitted so much from perusing your forum and of course using RadioDJ. I hope I can contribute what I can to pay it back (I mean forward)

The message is this: In your time, there seems to be a glitch to the registration/login system of the RadioDJ site. The site would not accept "2022" in answer to the question, "What year is it?" In my research I discovered that the site still thinks it's 2021. I could have just entered the date 2021 and been done with it, but my sense of honesty would not allow me to take that shortcut. Time travel was my only option.

So here I am - one year ago. I'm finally able to log on to the RAdioDJ forum and not have to lie to a machine to do it. This took several years of sweat and toil and the inevitable alteration of the course of history, but ultimately worth it.

For anyone else reading this but having trouble registering, just answer "2021" if your sense of integrity will allow.  ;)
Pretty Good Radio
(under development)


As a follow up - I tried to register originally via Chrome and Vivaldi (a variant of Chrome with a bit more security and features) and got "You did not answer the verification questions correctly" highlighting  that my answer for "Which year is now?:"  is not really 2022 (see attached Gyazo screen shot)

*BUT* when I registered via Microsoft Edge, it worked just fine.


Oh, and as added support to Doug - our visitor from the future - I noticed that when I made my first post reply to his message, I was asked "What is the next year", which is apparently 2022, and not 2023, as expected.   ;D  (via Chrome)

Seems like SMF needs just a bit of tweaking.   :D