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Issues With Using Music One Scheduler

Started by ehamrell, April 07, 2022, 02:09:58 AM


I am currently demo-ing the Music 1 SE scheduler and ran into an issue with the m3u file they create.  The playlist only seems to point Radio DJ to the audio file to play and does not specify a track by using the Radio DJ ID number.  This negates any cue edits/crossfades that have been saved in Radio DJ.

In fact, if you import via csv and include the ID number as the Music 1 "cart number", it just tacks the number onto the end of the filename.

So when Radio DJ creates a playlist, the track's info on the m3u file looks like this:

#EXTINF:228,David Bowie - Modern Love
C:\Radio DJ Music\DavidBowie_Legacy_ModernLove_14.mp3

But Music 1's m3u file looks like this with the ID number as part of the filename:

C:\Radio DJ Music\DavidBowie_Legacy_ModernLove_14.mp3\1628

Is there a way to get Music 1's playlists to include the Radio DJ ID number, without having it at the end of the filename, so that the playlist pulls from the current track list instead of the source file?


when rdj loads a playlsit, it searhes for the track in the database based on filepath, if it finds it in the database, then it uses it, including the cue points. if not, then it plays it from the folder. the other lines in the m3u files are just comments.

your question deals with Music 1 playlist, so please ask them .