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RadioDJ - So *Almost Working on a Mac...

Started by DavidEsp, June 12, 2022, 07:31:05 AM


I already have RadioDJ with MariaDB 10.4 working well in a Parallels virtual machine running Windows 10 on my Macbook (macOS 10.15.7 (Catalina). But can it be made to run more directly on Mac via Codeweavers' Crossover/WINE (v21.2) ?  Spoiler: Almost...

Reason: easier to do quick experiments etc. on my macbook (Parallels works fine but takes time to boot up and occupies more system resources). I realise many people want this.

Today I tried getting RadioDJ to work in a Crossover/WINE "compatibility bottle" connected to a macOS-installed MariaDB, (that was installed by Homebrew).  In other words, both installed directly (apart from compatibility translation) onto macOS.

MariaDB (after initial teething troubles) and HeidiSQL both installed ok and they connected up together smoothly, appearing (so far) to be working just fine.  MariaDB was installed onto macOS via Homebrew and HeidiSQL was installed onto macOS via Crossover.

RadioDJ appeared to install ok, and its Database Setup Utility recognised the database's (new) password, after which that setup window closed down and the installation appeared to end normally.

However, whenever I run RadioDJ (from within its Crossover bottle), it does something for a few seconds then just closes down.  I don't know yet where to find any logs that might help determine the cause of this.

I notice that the (Crossed-over) RadioDJ.app on macOS is only 408 KB, (suspiciously) the same size as Reports.app.  Reports.app and Translator.app appear to open ok but I haven't tried using them.

I guess tomorrow I'll try "random" stuff like re-installing RadioDJ with different Crossover settings.  Or maybe RadioDJ's "code obfuscation" somehow fundamentally precludes things like Crossover from working out what to do?  If I knew that for sure, I could avoid a lot of pointless "blind experiment" time!  Anyone know?

I guess I could also try the latest beta version of RadioDJ

Anyone else got this far, or further?  So close...


Quote from: DavidEsp on June 12, 2022, 07:31:05 AM
I notice that the (Crossed-over) RadioDJ.app on macOS is only 408 KB, (suspiciously) the same size as Reports.app.  Reports.app and Translator.app appear to open ok but I haven't tried using them.

Anyone else got this far, or further?  So close...
Hi David, If you open the bottle's C: drive, check the file size in there. In v.2037 my version of RadioDJReports.exe is 277KB and RadioDJ.exe is 2.4MB.

I've got v2.0.0.6 and the latest .NET 4.8 in the bottle) to work with Crossover BUT not ideally, it does stay running though. I've done it a slightly different way by installing MySQLServer 8.0.26 on the Mac as an official Mac app and RadioDJ seems to recognise this ok within Crossover. However, the graphics of the playout sometimes freeze for a few seconds although the sounds continues ok and the major problem I've found is that even after importing, all markers (end, intro, next etc.) all need setting manually and it needs to have the store settings with waveform set as well or it seems to get lost.

I tried to get MariaDB recognised within the bottle but database setup only seems to want to point to the official SQL server on the MAC. This means I haven't been able to get any older versions before v2 working, probably because the server is too new for those but not sure (I'm not great with anything SQL!).

My other major issue is getting the sound from the app to the streaming app and still monitor the sound myself, currently I lose audio if it's routed to the app (no stereomix on a Mac!).


Hi Derek,

Aha, I learnt something new (thanks to your follow-up question)...
If I right-click on the Bottle, it gives me access to the "C: Drive"
And the RadioDJ folder is in there, looks (from a glance) to be all there, ~2.5 MB for the EXE.

I also realise that, as you found, RadioDJ does not (after all) see my MySQL server running, even though from commandline I checked that it was.  I had previously (naively) thought it was working (because the Database Setup did not complain about my server's password) - I live and learn...

I have now sent a help-request to CodeWeavers, for advice.  Maybe from inside a bottle, "localhost" ( is not the macOS system but the "bottle" system?  Perhaps if some other (IP) number can be used, that "does" talk beyond the bottle?  If so then I guess I'd need to enable "Unix Sockets" mode for the server.  This is all new to me!


I also found this post - linking to a reported success on linux - though I don't (yet?) understand most of that report

DJ Garybaldy

I'm still waiting to see confirmation  of RadioDJ running on .wine under Linux. Last time I tried, I couldn't even get the database setup tool to open without error.

Great If you've managed to get it working on the Mac, though.
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Quote from: DJ Garybaldy on June 13, 2022, 04:08:28 PM
Great If you've managed to get it working on the Mac, though.
Well, sort of!  :hihi: I'm definitely treating it as a challenge! It will run, import tracks/directories with a few graphics freezes although the sound is ok, but needs all cue settings to be entered manually, also you need to put a tick in save waveform data with file to not lose the cue data!
With my installation, it uses the MySQL server installed as an official Mac app, not via Crossover but today I upgraded MySQL Community Server to 8.0.29 (from 8.0.26) and RadioDJ wouldn't load anymore, even with a new database. Dropping one version to 8.0.28 is working again so there's definitely more problems with getting SQL sorted to work with RadioDJ than RadioDJ itself as far as using Crossover with a Mac is concerned.

David, If your RadioDJ seems to want to start (looking at the icon on the Mac taskbar) and then it disappears, I reckon it's definitely something to do with the MySQL or equivalent (assuming the relevant .NET has also been installed into the bottle) so please do let us know if support come back with a fix :)


Quote from: DavidEsp on June 13, 2022, 03:43:13 PM
I have now sent a help-request to CodeWeavers, for advice.
Hi David, Just wondering if you got anywhere with a response from Codeweavers?