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Stay Warm Europe!

Started by stevewa, September 28, 2022, 06:19:19 PM


I hear your gas pipe has broken, I hope you stay warm, or can rob a bank to pay for heat.

DJ Garybaldy

I have no Option but to try and stay warm because of various health conditions (see blog) I have to stay warm otherwise I'm vulnerable to chest infections or worse Pneumonia

My Energy bill has gone from £35 (5 years ago) to £60 Last year to £120 and now I'm looking at £180 a month from 1st October.

I can't afford to have the computer on as often as I'd like so if a spammer gets through I may not be around to deal with it

Somebody somewhere is living the easy life off the profits while we all bloody suffer... >:D

I reckon the Nord stream pipeline was attacked myself

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