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Weird behavior

Started by Mixnetwork, October 04, 2022, 08:09:35 PM


I know this has nothing to do with radio DJ but perhaps someone knows.

I have rented 2 V-server for Streaming, but on same Provider.

On one server I made a Dutch Radio station with only Dutch Songs, They have an APP for Android and iPhone for the station.

Second V-server i have my private Stations, 4 stations running here.

Now everything works fine, but on my Private station I stream with RadioDJ and Butt.

The stream URLs from both are completely different, also the Streamer Login with the Password.

When I Play the stream from the Website of this station all OK, when I play the Stream of this station at the iPhone APP also all OK, but if I stream this station on the Android APP he plays the Stream of my Private station from RadioDJ???

I already talked to the guys who made this APP, they said they only Link the URL further to the APP so no difference in Android or iPhone.

So I do not know how this can happen, the only thing they have in common is the mount point ends on radio.mp3, now I changed this, but in my opinion this cannot make a big difference because it is 2 different servers with 2 different IP Addresses and domains.

Very strange thing, but perhaps someone has an idea what this could be.

Music was my first love :D


Your private station needs to be using some software like icecast or shoutcast, which is it?

It might help if you share your domains / ip addresses, links to urls for playback tests.